Online Store For Innerwear In Pakistan

Online Store For Innerwear In Pakistan

Getting your hands on good innerwear for women in Pakistan is almost like trying to get a brain surgery with a butter knife. The last time I wrote about tips for finding the perfect innerwear, a TON of you messaged to ask me how to get your hands on good undergarments in Pakistan. And I had no answer. But today, I come bearing solutions to this critical issue afflicting the nation.
Monrostudio is an online store carrying a selection of undergarments for women who promise to solve our problems, but before I tell you about them, here’s a tiny backstory. So I got a box of a few things from them last night and I had absolutely no plans of checking them out until two weeks later (I’m majorly swamped these days, everything’s queued up) so I planned on unboxing them in a couple of days, packing them into my suitcase for the US and trying them out sometime in the future. But last night around midnight I was impatiently waiting for a file to upload on my pc and so I just randomly opened their box on the side and totally loved what I saw. Good quality, good looks.
I immediately tried the stuff on and loved everything about it. I was so excited to finally get my hands on such good undergarments in Pakistan that I immediately decided to cancel my scheduled post for today (because I’m traveling next week and I didn’t want to delay this super find) and here I am.

I’m going to make it short and sweet; discuss my experience with the products and what I loved about them. Mostly, my comments are going to be about the bra since that’s always the most difficult to find.

1. Great fit. The bra in particular fits perfectly. SO perfectly. Sits right everywhere (now I know what to check based on the bra fit basics in this post). It’s exactly on level with Victoria’s Secret, which I love. When I sent them my size, I was a tad doubtful about what they’d send and if it would even fit (because I’ve tried on some duds in my life and now a thorough professional at spotting duds), but it was a perfect match. I was SO impressed. Also, I tried it on under a thin fabric as well and it sat very well under my clothes and the seams did not show.

2. Comfortable. Super, super comfortable. This is obviously thanks to the good fit but during my innerwear-scouting times in Pakistan, I’ve even tried on bras that were the right size in theory but strangely uncomfortable because of poor construction. I tried mine on for a good 8 hours to see how it lasts through the day and it was perfect.

3. Looks good. Good designs, nothing tacky. I remember from my times in Karachi, the choices used to be either basic beige or hooker chic. I checked out their whole selection and each one of them is pretty and nice and tasteful. There are neutrals, and there are fun colors (btw you can totally do brighter colors under printed shirts, you don’t need only white and beige, bros).
4. Decent selection. Their inventory is small right now but there’s enough to satisfy most people. I liked that they have a few designs in different construction types: contour, bralettes, pushup, etc. In panties, they have hipster, t-backs, thongs, etc. Very good beginning.
5. Great price-point. I’m SO happy the prices are affordable. Mostly ranging between PKR 2500 – 3500, it’s great value for such a good product.

6. Great packaging. I love good packaging. Obviously, it’s not the packaging that makes you buy a product or come back for it, but when I see a good product and it also comes packaged well, I know the brand has thought about their concept holistically and they value making you happy. I’m happy.
7. Good return/exchange policy. Don’t like the style or fit? As long as you have the tags on right and haven’t ruined them for someone else, you can exchange the product for something else on their website.

8. They deliver all over Pakistan. Best. You don’t have to travel anywhere to get these basic essentials of life (seriously, what a challenge) nor do you have to ask an international chachi to get them for you and wait until they arrive. It’s accessible.  Just shop from home and enjoyz.

Sizes are currently limited on their website. Some pieces go up to a D cup only, mostly running between A-C. But they’re a new store, so I expect them to diversify soon. Here’s what I do when a store looks promising but doesn’t have what I want, I let them know what I’m looking for so possibly when they do their next round of buying, they may have something for me. If you can’t find your size, reach out to them and give it a shot.

This is the bra that was sent to me (along with undies which are also really great). The bra is very lightly padded and has underwire with the cup shaped. I’d happily purchase from this store. You can safely get your shopping done, I have zero doubt you’re not going to be satisfied.
If there’s anything I missed telling you about the experience and you have a question, tell me, I’ll happily answer.
You can follow Monrostudio on Facebook here and Instagram here. Their website is right here, waiting for you. Happy shopping.
Until next time.

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+ Here’s the post I did earlier on tips for finding the perfect innerwear.


  1. Always always so tasteful about tricky topics. You're a queen! Love this recommendation, will try them out

  2. thank you so much for this. badly needed! and thank you for talking about it with confidence and giving such details. kudos!

    1. ^ this. Somehow you talk about the most out-there stuff and it feels like you're only talking about cookies and rainbows 😀

  3. I think you meant to write i have zero doubts that you're not going to be satisfied
    Instead of i have zero doubts that you're going to be satisfied ?

  4. Thanks so much shehzeen for writing about this. As someone who loves pretty lingerie but is a stickler for comfortable solutions too I had to limit myself to getting lingerie from expensive brands abroad. But I will definitely be giving this one a shot inshallah. thanks for the review once again

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