My Weekend Beauty Rituals

My Weekend Beauty Rituals

I’ve always been terrible at self-maintenance. My salon trips are about once a year when I’ll go in for a haircut. Facials, pedicures, manicures, that can happen through a professional, make me start questioning life and my general existence.

A few months ago I randomly slipped into the habit of doing a face mask every weekend, between a late breakfast and Friday prayers, while doing random chores around the house. It just felt too easy and I’m always onboard with the easy so things just felt great. After a few successful iterations, I decided to add on to this simple routine and tossed in a longer shower + body scrub as well. The mission was successful and my confidence in my abilities was soaring and so before I knew it, I had a set of relaxed, weekend beauty rituals in place, that I could all do from home, and that have been going strong for weeks now.
Now I started doing this as more of a protest against my lazy self and to not look like a dehydrated gobi after a full week of work but it happened to do more than just that for me. Taking care of your appearance for just about an hour a week does help you look better than most days but this quickly became something that helped me start off my weekend on a really happy, fresh note.
Doing it now feels like I’ve washed off the entire week and am renewed for a good, relaxed weekend. It cleans up my skin, it cleans up my mind. And all from the comfort of my home.
I’ll share all the steps I do and trust me when I say this, it’s not at all time consuming. I do all of this real slow but if I really had to, I could actually get everything done in 30 mins. Right now it takes me about an hour. Totally doable, especially if you want to multi-task (not my favorite thing, but you do you).
Step 1: Hair Oiling
Now I’ll be honest. I don’t do this every week. Nabeel has a recurring ‘appointment’ in his calendar to oil my hair (LOL, he put it there, not me) but sometimes the thought of washing the oil out feels like such a monstrous challenge, I make multiple excuses to skip it. The days that I do agree, here’s what I do. I mix 3 parts of olive oil (or any other easy oil) with 1 part of this Jamaican Black Castor Oil (pictured on the left). Castor oil is super thick so you have to mix it up. It’s supposed to be really good for hair growth, especially black castor oil. I wish I did this regularly to tell you if it helps, but you can try it out and tell me. For me, it just fulfills the purpose of oiling the hair. We put on some good music, oil each other’s hair, it’s a weird bonding exercise. I bought the castor oil from Souq, you can get it here, it’s on major sale.
Step 2: Face Mask 
I’ve been using this Indian Clay for weeks now and am addicted. I got this because everyone was raving about it. I didn’t find it to be anything special at first but after using for a few weeks, I’m quite the fan. It’s supposed to pull out impurities from your skin and make your pores look teeny tiny and stuff. I don’t know about the toxins but it does make my pores look small. I put this on for about 15-20 mins; sometimes I do the breakfast dishes on the side with some music in the background while I have it on. Action like that.
How I use it: I mix about a teaspoon of the clay with a little bit of raw apple cider vinegar (you could even use plain water), mix it up (with a wooden spoon, metal screws it up or something) and apply. Some people, believe it or not, even eat it (Shailene Woodley does). I bought this clay on Souq as well, you can get it here.

Step 3: Hair Mask/Conditioning
This is a post-wash hair mask so I shampoo my hair and then instead of my regular conditioner, I do this. I absolutely love the Hask hair mask that I discovered last year and I haven’t found a better one than this yet. AND it’s so affordable. The hair treatment comes in a few variants but the Macadamia Oil works the best for me (makes my hair super, super sleek). I’d recommend trying all the different ones to see which one works best for your hair because what works for me may not work for you (my friend swears by the Keratin one which wasn’t good for me at all). I use this for about 10 mins and while it’s sitting on my hair, I do step 4. You can read my full post on this favorite of mine here.

Step 4: Body Scrub
I was never the body scrub kind of person. Then I became one. I use this one by Rituals and love it because it’s not just a scrub that exfoliates but also moisturizes your skin so once you step out of the shower you’re super smooth. Also, smells fab so you feel like you’re in your own self-established spa of sorts (and that’s always a great thing). I got this from the Rituals store in Mall of the Emirates.
Now this looks like an accessory for murder but it has a higher purpose. I picked up this Rituals scrub glove once randomly and now I LOVE it. It does such a fab job of exfoliating combined with the body scrub. It feels like the dead skin is just peeling off into oblivion. Once I used the glove, using the scrub without it was not deeply satisfying and I like to be deeply satisfied, so, the glove is my friend.

Step 5: Face Moisturization + Body Oil
Once out of the shower, I’ll do your regular moisturization on the face like most humans (Nabeel not included, some living beings apparently have an aversion to the moisturizer and he is one of them). Even though after using the body scrub in step 4, you don’t really need to put anything on your body but just for fun and to extend my experience of feeling super special for myself, I use a little bit of this body oil (since I already have it). It’s really great, quick absorbing, smells luxe and makes the process majorly fast. I got this from the Rituals store in Mall of the Emirates.

Step 6: Hand Cream
Of the damages that Dubai did to my physical appearance, one was dry hands like high quality sandpaper from your local hardware store. I don’t know why this is, I never had dry hands before. I’m a recent fan of this hand cream by Rituals; just go try it once, you’ll want it instantly (I took a friend of mine to the store and this is one thing she bought immediately). I also got another hand lotion and balm from Rituals recently and all are so great. I use the hand cream on Fridays just to complete my feel-special routine (otherwise usually it’s on my work desk because I keep getting my hands wet all the time and so I swipe some on after). I got this from the Rituals store in Mall of the Emirates.

Step 7: Nails
I’m a fan of short, blunt nails so I practically clip mine every weekend. I love cleaning up my hands and feet, its a very relaxing activity for me. I’ll put on my diffuser and clean, prep and do my nails. It feels like therapy. (Tip: Some people say doing their nails feels like a massacre because the nailpolish bleeds, is tough to get off, etc. I’ve sworn by Sally Hansen nailpolishes AND remover for years and I can tell you with the right product, the whole process is clean and quick. I never have color bleed all over my hands and even the worst colors, like black, come off super smooth). I get most of my Sally Hansen stuff from Carrefour in Mall of the Emirates.
My diffuser is from Organic Aromas, you can read the full post here. (p.s. I love it).
So that’s my weekly therapy that gets me done with my week and relax and enjoy the entire weekend like a fresh, happy monkey. I mean graceful adult (?). Nothing could be better. If you guys have any special weekend beauty actions, tell me because I’m asking.
Because I get the MOST questions on this on Snap, I’m putting this down for all Rituals stores locations in the Middle East (that I know of). Dubai: Mall of the Emirates, Mirdiff City Centre. Abu Dhabi: Marina Mall. Qatar: Mall of Qatar, Lagoona Mall. Oman: Muscat Grand Mall.
Until next time.


  1. As always such a refreshing post. Feels like therapy to read your blog 🙂

  2. Don't know how you do it girl but you make everything sound so easy. I'm feeling motivated to go clean up right now! haha

  3. you introduced me to rituals and I love everything I got! love this post like usual

  4. Loved this post too! I started pampering myself weekly too almost a year back, although I am a regular at the salon (read once a month)especially for Mani pedi but I feel once a month isn't enough so I indulge a bit almost every weekend. I started with a few local products that worked well but have gradually graduated to a good mix of high end and some drug store products. Works like a charm every week and makes me feel like a human being. Thanks for sharing the castor oil tip, will definitely try it 🙂

    1. Author

      Sounds so good. I really wish I could get a monthly professional facial in, here's to hoping 😀

  5. I have got super dry hands like I was digging a rock previously and I need some serious therapy with my hands.
    Love your beauty rituals. As always the post is great.

  6. Rituals not in Pakistan ?

    1. You can always try this hand and foot butter from body shop 'honey and bees wax' it comes in a jar and lasts 6 months. Alternatively, you can also use crab-tree products. I think they have range for rough/ dry hands suits people who are into gardening etc. Hope this helps 🙂

  7. I actually love going to a nice salon/spa as I feel like half of the relaxation is being removed from regular routine, but yes I see your point ! i've tried getting into a shower, exfoliate, do hair, moisturize routine at Sunday evening / night though. I feel like it sets me up on a good note for the week ahead 🙂
    Your pictures in this post are phenomenal btw, its like a mini eye massage 😀

    1. Author

      If you enjoy going, nothing better because someone can do all of that kaam for you 😀

  8. Loved the post n as i m obsessed with these products esp rituals ( thanx to u ?)… every time i use any of the tao range from rituals, i send a blessing to u ?

  9. Ufff i love this postt sooo much.. tooo good this is and so doable.. thanks dww esp for being so practical

  10. U should mention the price range of rituals products it would be helful ?

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