Kick-Butt Buy Of The Week: White Lace TOMS by FSociety

Kick-Butt Buy Of The Week: White Lace TOMS by FSociety

I have a special place in my heart for lace espadrilles. I tormented the ones I had from Aldo for months until Nabeel threw them out; he said it qualified as footwear abuse (so rude). Anyhoo, I just found this cool store in Pakistan called FSociety that has these cute original TOMS in lace that I think you’d like. Priced at PKR 6500, I’m really impressed with the price because here in Dubai, you’d get a similar pair for much more. TOMS, if you’re not aware, are very slightly more expensive than your regular streetwear brand but are very sturdy and comfortable and for every pair sold, they donate one pair to someone in need.
Buy the pair on Fsoceity here. Or if you want some print, these ones are fun too.

The link to shop the same pair for Dubai folks on 6th street: here.
FSociety has some really cool streetwear stuff for guys, girls and kids (clothing too!). They have a physical store in Karachi, as well as an online one. You can check out their website and social media to get all info. Website here, Facebook page here and Instagram here.
Haypee showping.
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  1. They are gorrrrgeous, Shehzeen! <3 I want a pair as well now lol.

  2. I mean they are toms lollll.. but its unbelievable

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