Entryway Makeover: The ‘Before’

Entryway Makeover: The ‘Before’

HEY, it’s almost time for a makeover post from my place! Woohooo? 

I’m going to be showing you guys, my apartment entryway + corridor which has currently been functioning as a part-time dungeon/haunted hallway. We practically ignored this space for a gazillion years, all the time throwing discriminatory slurs at it, comparing it to our other thoughtfully decorated spaces. But then we felt it had been victimized enough and so last month Nabeel and I started working on this section of our home with our full hearts.
It’s almost ready and you should be seeing it soon (once I’m in the US, though) but for fun and to create some low-quality suspense, I’m showing you guys some of the ‘before’ shots, of what the space looked like before we got started on it.
Now these pictures are in 1) Terrible lighting (because fixing the lighting is part of the makeover) and 2) With random crap from our home and the neighborhood thrown around. So basically, the day I planned on taking the ‘before’ shots, Nabeel already laid out ground for painting the walls (as you can see) and I didn’t have the energy to pick everything up and take a clean shot so this is what you get. (If you’re one of those people who say that the ‘After’ looks good (hopefully) only because the ‘Before’ is extra messy, here’s a brain-cell regenerating cookie. I’m not trying to manipulate you, I’m just lazy about spending effort on things that don’t matter).

Anyhoo. Here’s the corridor, with a view from the living room.

And here’s the corridor, with a view from the main door when you enter the apartment.

Right when you enter the apartment, there’s a V-shaped section on each side of the corridor (originally designed by the architect to make life more complicated).  

And finally, this is the corridor with everything cleared out and the walls painted a bright, bright white (earlier it was a yellowish white which I DETEST). Since the area is already super dark, painting it white has lifted the light levels majorly (even makes the floor tiles look less yellow).

So that’s what it looked like before we got started on it. Can’t wait to show you guys the final product soon.


  1. Your makeover post are always such a delight to read and see! cant wait enough for this one !

  2. Yup love ur makeover posts! u shud run a small competition where readers can share pix of their home makeovers – would be interesting to see how others utilise the major space issues in dxb homes 🙂

  3. I spot the easel you once posted or snapped about. 😀 Will you be revealing that mystery too?

    1. Author

      Haha. I never ended up using it properly cos the space I got it for, I put something else there 😛 But I hope I'll fit it in here, fingers crossed 😀

  4. Waiting anxiously to see the "After".
    Makeover and your dressing up posts are my favorites..
    Was missing this…!!
    Good Luck..

    When are you visiting US?

  5. This is going to be sooo good i know.. cant wait dww

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