The project I’m uber excited about….

The project I’m uber excited about….

Picture I stole from my friend, he isn’t aware of this crime currently
Update: My entire weekend in Bahawalpur is here now. p.s. It was EPIC. Also, my Bahawalpur trip video is here.A project that I’ve been planning since a few weeks and dying to share with you. GUESS WHAT, BROS. I’m flying to Bahawalpur with for a couple of days this weekend! WOOHOOO.

Travelwings asked me to pick any city in Pakistan to go to and I immediately shortlisted a few that I’ve always wanted to see. Bahawalpur totally came out a clear winner because it’s been on my list for YEARS (one of my friends once went on a road trip there and since then it’s been plastered in my heart).

Nabeel and I will be flying down early Friday morning this week via Multan and will reach Bahawalpur in the afternoon hopefully. We’ll be there until Sunday afternoon so we’ll have about two days in the city (please say lots of Inshallahs for me).
I’m SO excited to go.
But I need your help. Please help me?
I’d love tips or recos on alllll of the following:
1. What all I do see? I have an exhaustive list on me already but if there’s anything the internet doesn’t know about, please suggest!
2. What place is an absolute no miss?
3. What’s overrated and can be skipped? I have just about two days and want to maximize enjoying what I see to the fullest (even if that means seeing just a couple of things) versus checking off a big list of places. No mad dash for me, easy slow enjoyings, please.
4. What do I eat? Any special recos?
5. Where to shop? I just want to go to one place.
6. What to wear? What kind of cold is it going to be? What should I bring to wear so I can happily enjoy everything and not be sad and cold? (I’m really confused about this, so please help!)
7. Since it might be foggy (right?), what time should I get started on my day? What time would be good to begin exploring and not have my vision compromised.
8. What stuff can I do at night?
9. Is anything closed on Fridays? I’ll have Friday afternoon/evening to check out stuff.
10. Is anything closed on Sunday? So that I schedule it for Saturday. (If you know about the palaces and timings, please share!)
11. What should I do on Sunday? I was thinking the Fort and Uch Sharif between 10am – 3pm because they should be accessible at all times?
12. Do I need permissions for anything, anywhere?
Wow. I’ve asked everything. And I’m SO excited. Please come enjoy Bahawalpur with me 🙂
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This trip is in collaboration with and I love them for choosing me.


  1. Sooo exciting! I hope you enjoy the trip!! 🙂 Will be waiting to read about your experience.

  2. Went to Bhawalpur once long time ago, all I remember from that trip is Baba's ice cream, the tutti fruit flavour (with actual fruits) :p Enjoy!

    1. Author

      You might think that's a small thing but it sounds so good! Hope I get a chance to have it. Making a note of Baba's. <3

  3. Hey Shehzeen! Since I've only ever been to Bahawalpur for shopping and I only ever go to one shop, load up and leave I'll suggest that to you. Go to 'Zia Cloth House' its in the bazaar near Jamia Mashid once you get close to the masjid (its a famous landmark) just ask any shopkeeper for the shop. I have their bags ill try n track the num for you. The shop has everything a girl needs in her traditional wardrobe but the bazaar has amaxing rilli work khes and cushions etc that will blow your mind. All of it super affordable. Another tip, you can pick lots of presents for ppl back in UAE from here. Happy shopping!

    1. Author

      Sounds perfect. Someone else also recommended that bazaar so definitely only going there now 😀 Thank you!

  4. Haye! Hope you have a great great time there Insha Allah! Never been there so cant wait to explore it through your lens 🙂

  5. Will definitely look forward to your experience….bahawalpur is a beautiful city and from your cover photo I can assume you already now about noor mahal. Besides that there is this chunnari bazaar very old you have to park your car outside and walk through it. It is just beautiful. Buy yourself a good chunnari duppate a mokesh dress and handmade chandi jewellery….oh I so wish I was with you to show you around. I miss that bazaar. Don't know anything special to eat there but chunnari mokesh and kundun chandi jewellery is a must to buy….good luck and please do share some pics

  6. Noor mahal is open for public.but you only get to see some specific places they have locked down most of the rooms and stuff.since i study at multan , my class is also planning a trip there.theres a fort called 'fort derawar its a little farther from bahawalpur but is super aala! Also there's a restaurant called 'libra valley' in lodhran near bahawalpur (,heard its good) and looks good in pictures too.

  7. I work I South Punjab…fog here is at its worst from 7-8pm to 8-8:30 am….try to do the travelling in daylight…travelling in fog is quite dangerous and south punjab highway traffic is quite notorious…try to avoid travelling during fog hours.

  8. Noor mahal and darbar mahal – gorgeous, specially in the evening. You'll need special permission to go inside.

  9. hi shehzeen, i live there 🙂 its a nice peaceful city.
    places to visit: noor mahal, gulzar mahal , darbar mahal. theres a mehal in dera nawab sahib .
    central library, museum , shahi bazar(for traditional) , derawar fort , shahi qaburustan, solar panel park, deer and lion safari , uch sharif mazar.
    food : 4 seasons restaurant. falooda from data sweets chowk fowara, BBQ from cantt market.
    love from bahawalpur <3

  10. head punjnad its a place where five rivers meet .

  11. I'm SO psyched you're going there. It's almost my hometown (which is Multan technically but I have tons of family here too). SO.
    You'll love love loveeee the kind of jewellery available in the main Bazar. It's famous for its kundan ka kaam and mukesh stuff and of course chunri. Get yourself khussas too. You'll find this one shop with a super sized khussa hanging on the entrance which says if you can find anyone to fit this, take it for free, I'm still searching for behemoth to take with me to it haha.
    Also daal chawal from near Noor Mahal. And Lal Sohanra. It's gorgeous.
    Andddd. Killer gol gappay and masala tikka. These two from roadside vendors and the food Bazar.
    Also DON'T stay at the PTDC. Horrible experience.
    Andddd now I want to go too.

  12. Also it's super small so I think you'll be able to visit most of the places on your list.
    For packing purposes: layers.
    We suddenly dove into a cold wave so it gets pretty chilly 3 PM onwards here in Lahore. Wahan pe since it's close to the desert, the nights will be frigid at least. If you have a coat and plans to venture out at night, take it. And warm, comfy shoes. Hope this helps!

  13. Uffff your choice is brilliant. No wonder people offer you such awesome stufff.. sadly i cant help with the questions but can say many many insha Allah for you.. loads of love

  14. Oh wow! Went to Bahawalpur completely by chance ( was on my way to the Cholistan Desert for a 5 day camping trip) and ended up in one the main bazars. I'm sure everyone has already mentioned this but, you'll find the most amazing karhai walay khussay, I still have mine, and they're my fav pair of shoes that I own + got them very sasta so double win.

    Also, Noor Mahal is breathtaking; I went with a tour company (Adventure Travel Pakistan), so we didn't have any permission issues or so forth, because their team had already scouted out all the places.

    Uch Shariff is a tad bit slow, not much to do or see, but if you're really into historical ruins, go for it.

    Have fun!

    1. Author

      I'd LOVE to do a camping trip there sigh. Not enough time. Now thinking of dropping Uch Sharif because time is short, thank you 🙂

  15. OH, also got to the top of Derawar Fort! It's a massive structure, and they also have a fireworks show sometimes, especially if the PM is there :p

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