The Best Of 2016

The Best Of 2016

I thought I’d pull up all the stuff that I’ve shared on the blog that made my year and do a tiny recap. It’s so therapeutic to look back on things and remind yourself of the stuff that perhaps you don’t individually remember but that helped make your life all rainbows and sunshine. Tell me about yours too?
Completely slipped my mind that I started the year with a trip to Thailand with my best friends. One week of absolute chill, beach and food time.
Went to Lahore with Nabeel for the second time for his brother’s wedding. It’s just something else to go back to your city with your spouse, it’s all kinds of magic to show him the places you’ve always loved. Totally want to go back with him once just to explore the old city.
Made these clothes for my brother’s wedding that all of you gave such incredible love to. It made my low-budget soul feel very proud. You can see more of them here.
Got the most drastic hair chop of my life and loved it way beyond own expectations.
Made over our living room with love and lots of color. Enjoyed every day spent here.
 Traveled to Australia with Nabeel, and unexpectedly fell in love with a place that had never been on my radar.
Had our 5 year anniversary and made our first YouTube video together. (You can see it here)
Celebrated Ramzan like never before. Decorated our place, prayed harder than ever and truly reveled in the spirit of the month.
Had a low-budget, ‘grand’ iftari at our place and enjoyed like we were in a 5 star.
Made happy eid desserts.
Wished Eid Mubarik to each other and you.
Made a tiny tradition with friends of giving inexpensive Eid presents (50 dhs limit!) to each other and loved it.
Got this priceless (to me) present from Nabeel that he made entirely with his own two hands. Sawing, sanding, sketching, staining, the works – all outdoors in the intense Dubai heat. Felt humbled for such love in my life. 
Celebrated the blog’s third anniversary and felt proud of what I’d created.
Tried to make sense of our country’s independence. Celebrated with whatever spirit resonated with me and felt grateful that I did.
Welcomed these guys into our family for our everyday meals. Dinner with Nabeel is special for me every night, so these plates coming in was truly a moment.
Read quite a few great books. Promised to read even more the next.
Had the most mangoes and mango milkshakes than I’d ever in my life.
Made slow and tiny health changes to my life. Stuck with them.
Had a low-key bari Eid with my favorite person and friends who feel like family.
Hung out with friends, explored new places, tried new things.
Organized and cleaned out my apartment like on a high-level government mission. Fell in love with my minimized belongings more than ever.
Partied at home.
Relaxed at home.
Fell in love more than ever.
Had countless cups of chai together.
Did many puzzles together.
Worked at my blog, my job, my passion, the hardest this year. Felt proud and humbled with my growth.
Traveled to Oman with our second family with no itinerary and exploring-on-the-go. Had a blast.
Had my best friends come over to Dubai for our annual girls trip and spent an amazing one week together.
Enjoyed this view wholeheartedly for two years and said goodbye last month as construction started and cranes came over. No sadness, all good. No other tenant of this apartment will ever have this view, we were lucky to have it.
Traveled to Bahawalpur, a city I’ve always wanted to visit, and fell in love so hard I might take a minute to recover 🙂
Tell me about bits from your year too?

* Even though this post includes things like travel to other places, love of a spouse, companionship of friends, and perhaps something else that you feel like you want but don’t currently have – remind yourself that joy is not one-dimensional and there is contentment and peace in varied experiences. Being single, unmarried, childless, ‘unsuccessful’ at work, alone, are only labels that people give to us and ones that we accept. Contentment is also in a night in by yourself, a place explored alone, in a meal you made, the love from another relationship if not from having your own child, a good book you read, in acceptance of your life. Contentment is within yourself.
I wish you a very happy new year and a very, very content 365 days to come. 


  1. repeatedly I see you getting happiness from small things in life. this is my biggest learning from you. you are a rockstar S. always stay this way.

  2. You are a beautiful person who radiates such positive spirit. Stay blessed 🙂

  3. Exactly what anonymous said! In a world which sells us things we don't need you are a breath of fresh air. You make 'poor' sound cool. Not saying that you are poor, heh. But you get what I mean? I remember each and every moment shared here. Thank you for letting us be a part of your year.

    – your follower from the beginning who is too shy to introduce herself

  4. ive been trying to have a baby for three years now. reading your blog should be painful for me because you always seem happy. I'm sure you have your challenges, not to make it sound like you don't. but it can feel like youre always positive. but reading your blog never makes me feel cheated because of notes like the one you have put at the end of your post. how are you like this?

  5. U didnt mention about ur dental treatment :p thats also important …isnt it? 😉 anyways i enjoyed ur blogs… and this recap. Thank u for these positive words…

  6. Remember each and everyone of your posts, snapchats and instas about this year review.

    If I think about my year.

    Landed at a pretty nice job in a leading FMCG
    Shifted to an unknown city due to job, that too, ALONE
    Rented my own place and set everything there all alone.

    But the highlightof this year was that my mother performed hajj. That was a wish that I had in my heart for years. (Masha Allah)

    Have a happy 2017 everyone.

    May the next year be even more amazing.

  7. Felt like such a trip down memory lane because I remember all of these here on desiwonderwoman. Thank you for sharing your life and much more. May you have a great year ahead as well.

    – Mahnoor

    P.S. I could even tell which photos have never been posted before. Stalker alert much? Lulz.

  8. Hey you had such an amazing year. you go girl (y)
    and i totally second your thoughts on "contentment". hi-five

    I had an awesomatic year too.. alhamdulillah. Shifted to a new state, visited home country twice or so, traveled far and wide, started blogging too (let me tell you,you were among one of the inspirations 😀 ). so thank you for that. 🙂

    Wishing you a very Happy new year and even more amazing year ahead.

  9. yes the key to happiness is to become happy in little things and small achivments.if v set our happines to b on higher goals ..expensive cloths big cars..v will never feel is only 1 time gift from God enjoy it cheerfully and thankfully to Allah swt.

  10. i read the whole thing smiling all along, but that last paragraph just made my eyes teary! My whole year went by waiting for something or the other. Spent new year in Pakistan with my husband and family, then came back to germany to continue my masters, then booked the ticket to pakistan for summer vacations in april and that is when the waiting period started. completed my semester and applied for a student job in between. Went to pakistan in the last week of july. Spent eid with family. Came back in oct. started my job in Nov. moved to a completely new city, again far far from friends and my sister (who is my only family in germany). Then waiting to go back to my sister or her coming to meet me. And most importantly I am waiting for my husband's visa so he can join me. i hope this wait gets over soon!

  11. This post is filled with tiny little things that add happiness to life. Wish you another great year ahead, Desi Wonder Woman 🙂

  12. This year I made peace with a lot of things that were going on in my personal life, these were the things that gave me countless sleepless nights and screwed me emotionally and I cannot tell you how much better I feel after doing so (talk about getting wiser with age lol). Although I am still not quite there where I aim to be but I AM trying (because there are still those kinda days that bog me down!).

    I hope you, your husband and all of us have a great 2017.

  13. Loved reading your posts always. It's like my motivation therapy to love life the way it comes and with whatever it brings. I wish you too a very happy and prosperous coming 365 days.

  14. I had lot in my plate in this year
    Major come back as a blogger after a whole year gap
    Started doing makeup looks daily which is my most fav thing to do
    Resumed my online selling business
    Enjoyed the cooking most this year for husband
    Had relatives stay over with us almost every month

    Phewww I think that's a lot hehhe

  15. I had lot in my plate in this year
    Major come back as a blogger after a whole year gap
    Started doing makeup looks daily which is my most fav thing to do
    Resumed my online selling business
    Enjoyed the cooking most this year for husband
    Had relatives stay over with us almost every month

    Phewww I think that's a lot hehhe

  16. whoaaa you had such an amazing year and our year was made even better because WE INTERNED WITH YOU <3 thank you for making us a part of your job and passion.

    For me, I travelled to Lahore, Islamabad and Thailand, fell in love with mysel, made some amazing friends that are here to stay and was grateful for everything my life has given me. It was a good year.

  17. I'm so glad I read this 🙂 As always, i thoroughly enjoyed the pics and your way of sharing all this 🙂 I wish you an even better 2017 <3

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