One Night At Dream Inn Dubai With Friends

One Night At Dream Inn Dubai With Friends

Last week, I was invited to check out one of the apartments at Dream Inn Dubai (all relevant details at the end of the post). It was a two-bedroom so I asked Shehla and Faraz to come along as well and we could all have a different-from-the-usual hangout for one night (bonus).
Shehla and I checked into the apartment around 3:00 pm and got a tiny tour of the property from Guest Relations. The best part of the whole place, hands down, was how close it was to the Burj. The view was just incredible. That right above was our living room window, yes pl.
A quick rundown of the place. We had two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The apartment had a fully functional kitchen with a stove, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, oven, cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils, Nespresso machine, erraaythang. (They didn’t have teabags but arranged them for us).
We also had a powder room, a tiny laundry room with a washing machine and cleaning supplies (vaccum, floor cleaners, etc.). This was really exciting for me; not that I wanted to clean or anything but it gave me great joy to know that I had cleaning power. The rooms had an iron, extra bedding, hairdryer, Loccitane toiletries (woohoo), candles.  It was FULLY functional.
Our bedroom (our = Nabeel + me, just to be clear).
My sister would love this bedroom décor so much. (Do you, Tazeen?) (She reads all my posts with the eyes of a laser and takes out errors and then WhatsApps me, lulz)
Shehla and Faraz’s bedroom.
Nice clock.
That’s me pretending to casually chill in the living room but actually posing.
The awesome kitchen which was better equipped than the one at my place.
It was a weekday so the boys were still at work and had planned to join us later. After checking out the place and jumping on beds (no judgments, please), Shehla and I decided to get a quick lunch downstairs. The apartment was in Downtown Dubai and I hadn’t ever hung out in this part of the city before (we always just drive by) so I really got to experience how amazing it was. The weather was so great and the entire strip had small restaurants/shisha places and the Dubai Opera was a few yards down (not actually interested in the opera but it felt important).
We had a really great lunch with the nicest breeze (so poetic) and walked back up. The sun had started to set and that’s when the entire area just started coming to life. The Burj looks glorious when the sun’s setting, see the colors up there?
Buildings started shimmering, the palm trees lining the entire road below us lit up and looked absolutely magical, you guys.
It was almost time for the guys to get ‘home’ and Shehla made things even better by just setting up the whole place in the most dramatic, mood lighting. Everything looked stellar.
I mean, look at her bedroom. I NEED that light in my bedroom.
The boys got home and we ordered in some pizza. We had just come back from our Oman trip so we plugged the photos into the TV and looked at them together while eating. Nabeel then corrupted all of us by saying that we all needed ice cream so we stepped down to the Baskin Robbins right below the apartment and had a couple of scoops each.
Came back, made chai and chilled on the balcony together just talking, watching the fountains show (every 30 mins!) and seeing the Burj shimmer from top to bottom, every hour. Took some pictures together (mandatory) and decided to call it a night.
Just a casual view from the balcony, no big deal.
I’d like to say that the best part of the visit was over BUT, you guys, the bed. The bed in our room was KILLER. I honestly have never slept on a better bed or better pillows. It was SO comfortable, like a giant, squishy hug from a very loving polar bear (I don’t know why I said polar bear). It gave me a new mission to construct a dream bed for myself somehow (new entrant on my to-do list); after all sleeping is one of my favorite things.
Anyhoo, we got ready to check out around 8 am since all of us wanted to get back to work in time. The Dream Inn Dubai guys sent us really great breakfast boxes with croissants, muffins, fruit, juices, milk, jam, butter. We happily ate together, picked up our bags and checked out.
It’s one thing to test out a great apartment for work, but it’s another to be able to make it more than work and share it with your best friends. It was a great day.

Check out the fountain show from our balcony right here.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Here are some details on Dream Inn Dubai for you.
What is it about: Dream Inn Dubai does a collections of fully functional apartments in really great locations around the city (Downtown, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, to name a few) and they promise to give you the comfort of home while feeling like you’re at a hotel. If you come with friends or a big family, they’re an absolutely killer choice for your holiday. In case you skipped it, check out my entire experience above to see what all’s included in your apartment.
Facebook: here
Instagram: here
WiFi Available: Yes
Apartment Rent: This will vary based on 1) Apartment Size (all apartments are different in size), 2) Time of the year. The apartment I stayed at was about AED 1100 per night at that time (about AED 275 per head for 4 people/friends, about AED 500 per head for two couples). Their rents start from AED 500 upwards.  For a fully functional, luxury apartment where you can split the cost between two groups, this is a great price and much lower than a typical 4 star hotel.
Things I loved:
1. Fully functional. With kids, you can have access to all facilities that you have at home and space to breathe.
2. Right in the heart of the city. All locations are in the middle of the action, and you’d actually be living like a local, since actual Dubai residents would be in the apartment next door, for example.
Comments:– I also accessed a repair service (asked them to change a light bulb) and they serviced it within minutes.
– I noticed that they’re giving away a free stay on their social media, you can enter if you’d like to get a chance to win. Here.
– I loved the experience. The décor is not a 100% my type but everything else was top notch.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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  3. the music in the video is amazing!

  4. Finally catching up with all your posts! You re so creative in making fun plans with your friends, I love it :")

  5. I love you and this blog to bits Shehzeen but recently it has been one sponsored post after the other. The thing that got me hooked to desi wonder woman was how relateable you and your life were. Not so much now. I am very happy for all the opportunities you are getting but please don't let this turn into just another sponsorship fiesta on the internet.

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      Hmmm that's strange you feel that way since this month I've only had two paid sponsorships 🙂 Still doing everything from the heart, paid or not xx

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  6. Loving the room the view every single thing. Its so premium and the mood lighting rocked to bits

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