Makeup Hack: Especially For Brides-To-Be

Makeup Hack: Especially For Brides-To-Be

I don’t really own any makeup beyond my everyday stash. No eyeshadow palettes, no bronzing or contouring ammo, I don’t even know what else to mention here because I’m pretty clueless about what high level products exist out there.
When I was getting married though, somehow I thought I’d need some extra things on me. So at that time I bought a pretty lame eyeshadow palette and actually thought I’d use it. But it lay untouched for two years which is when I threw it out.
For anyone who does minimal makeup, my advice now would be to not invest in anything that you don’t use already. I know friends who made their overseas relatives shop in kilos for all the high-end stuff that they thought they’d use but really didn’t.  
But for other chicks who still want that extra stuff in their makeup kit, here’s what I suggest. Instead of splurging on the full sized product, get the smaller travel sized packs. Sephora has a whole beauty-to-go section next to checkout where you can pick up smaller pieces of well-loved products. This includes travel sized goodies and just smaller versions of popular products.
How this helps:
1. You don’t have to spend as much.
2. For the frequent user, the bigger size will always be more economical. For the infrequent user, the travel size will deliver more because you’ll spend less and end up using the whole thing without having to throw some of it out just cos you couldn’t finish it over a gazillion years.
3. It’s a good way to test out something and decide if you really want to make it a long term commitment.

Examples (prices in AED)
I’ve done a random snapshot of a few of the full-sized products on Sephora versus their smaller or travel sized buddies, with a price comparison. You can probably find these at any multi-brand makeup store, not just Sephora. The sizes of the products in the images below are not to scale.
Urban Decay Naked Palette – AED 279 (see here)
Urban Decay Basics Palette – AED 138 (see here)
The Naked palette has gorgeous colors that the Basics cannot compete with. But if I think about my own usage, I’d probably be able to use the Basics more, even though the Naked is prettier.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal – AED 174 (see here)
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Opal – AED 188 (see here)
Becca Opal On The Glow Kit – AED 92 (see here
Instead of buying the two (or even just one), you can get a duo for half the price of one. Opal is their best-selling color.

Benefit Hoola Bop Matte Bronzer – AED 145 (see here)
Benefit Hoola Bop Matte Bronzer Mini – AED 75 (see here
Here’s the full travel size/mini collection on Sephora. I don’t think everything’s listed here so you can always check in-store to see what’s available.
Obviously, you cannot find everything you want this way OR be satisfied with this approach if you’re a makeup junkie. But if you’re a mild user, you’ll handshake me on it.


  1. Areeyyyyyy what a genius idea yaaarr! Cha gayi ho larki

  2. This is genius! 😀

    – Maheen A

  3. Love it. As I recently got my sis to buy loads of minis for me including all three you mentioned here ?. Feeling very speshul :p

  4. Now thats the perfect idea! I've hoarded so much due to my makeup 'products' obsession but really not able to use all of it as much as I should and I think buying travel sizes would be better.

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