Goodbye Interns 2016

Goodbye Interns 2016

What I posted a couple of weeks ago, anybaady remember? No. Okay.
The internship posts ended a few weeks ago but today I’m officially closing it down and saying goodbye to the awesome people who took out the time to work with me and made it a very fun first internship program for the blog.
I wanted to share something about these three girls with you which I haven’t explicitly shared before. When I opened the internship program for applications, these guys sent me their profiles, talking about why they wanted to be a part of it, the kind of work they’d like to do, their experience, blah blah. Not a single mention of how they’re ‘overqualified’ and unsure if they should apply. Their emails were purely about their interest to work with me and that was it.
And here’s the interesting thing. All three of them aren’t fresh graduates or just getting their foot in the door. They have lots of work experience, have/had full-time jobs, doing/done kickass projects and are overall pretty set.

In our part of the world, if you have prior work experience, an internship is made to look like the herpes of your career. Very few people are able to understand that an internship is a work opportunity. Temporary but a work opportunity. In other parts of the world, you’ll see people of all ages doing internships because it’s a category of work. It’s not career suicide.
And here’s my unsolicited career advice that life itself, and not my prior jobs, has taught me: You’re only in the rat race if you want to be. Any work, any experience is for yourself. There is no shame, no ‘taking a step back’ when testing out new waters. We need to be courageous and visionary about building our life and skills for ourselves and not feel that it’s a step down. I mean, how can it ever be a step down when you’re learning something new?
So for all girls who write to me saying they’ve taken a career break and now want to get back into the game or haven’t worked ever and feel too old for ‘just an internship’ or just want to make a career switch: Do what you want, for YOURSELF. If an internship is up in the area of your interest and that’s all you can find, grab it with both hands and be the best at it. Don’t do a disservice to yourself by denying yourself opportunities just because people around you haven’t understood them yet.
The amazing guys at Exquisite Beauty Stores helped me put together a tiny surprise for these amazing girls. A small gesture for letting me be a part of their lives and being so honest about their work. They treated my blog content like their own. No excuses, no shortcuts.
Each goodie bag has stuff from fun brands, I’m going to list them all down: Wet N Wild Max Volume Mascara and Lipstick, Palladio Liquid Eyeliner, Flormar Nailcolors and I Love Bath products.
A big thank you to Exquisite Beauty Stores who carry all of these brands (and many others) for helping me out with this. Big workplace-appropriate hug. 

And a ginormous thank you to all of you for supporting the internship program and encouraging me and the interns. Flying pappis everywhere.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I get a LOT of questions about Wet N Wild, Hask etc. when I use them on Snapchat, so I’m listing all their social pages and stores below.
Exquisite Beauty Stores are a collection of stores that carry a range of brands for cosmetics, skincare, fragrances and beauty accessories. You can follow these guys on Facebook here and Instagram here, they keep doing interesting giveaways and sales/discounts so it might be a wise decision to follow along.
Also, if you want to check out the brands in the goodie bag, here you go. They’re all available at Exquisite Beauty Stores (and a few other places).
Wet N Wild: Facebook page here 
Available at Virgin Mega Stores, Exquisite Stores and *select Geant, Carrefour, Carrefour Express, Choithrams, R&B & Ansar group

Flormar: Facebook page here
Available at Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Shindagha, Al Ghurair Centre, Madina Mall, Etihad Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Dalma Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, My City Centre Nasseriyah, Matajer Juraina, City Centre Fujairah

I Love bath and body products: Facebook page here
Available at Exquisite Beauty Stores and all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Available at Exquisite Beauty Stores.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Until next time.


  1. I sometimes wish I could just come visit you and sit with you with a cup of tea and tell you all my problems and you tell me in your soft voice and make it all go away. weird stalker alert.

  2. I am so used to of all your posts now. You are such a big inspiration. You always motivate people to take a step ahead and move on. You are a power house. And all these ladies have done a great job so big applause for them.

  3. Thank you, Why do I feel that this post was specifically targetted at me?? Thanks again for giving so many answers.

  4. DWW, you make life sound so easy 🙂 I have taken a major career decision and it has been partly a result of the conditioning/mental cleansing you do through your blog. So thank you 🙂

  5. I feel like doin an internship with you today..what amazing post and what simple yet magical thot to share.u rock dww

  6. Love your post yaar..really positive and motivational approach. …keep it up!!
    In between this post is for me too..after a long break(dedicated my 12 years for my kids early years)i want to be on track…just want to say…you are amazing

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