Family photo with Nabeel’s side. This week has been all about family stuff, we’ve mostly been busy with his niece and nephew. Today we’re taking them to Motion Gate (90% confirmed). On Saturday night, Nabeel and I are going to the Coldplay concert with friends – I had some seriously awesome plans of vegetating on my couch for new year’s eve but then everyone booked the tickets so now I’m going. I actually went when they came in 2011 for new year’s eve and it was EPIC. Nabeel and I had splurged then and got tickets for the Golden Circle (the performance is absolutely beyond, that close to the stage) – this time we’re doing stingy style but fingers crossed we’ll enjoy the same. Chris Martin is a magician and new year’s eve just makes it all the more better (the confetti, the countdown, the fireworks, all solid stuff). Come on Snap, I’ll post bits of everything (ID: shehzeen-r).
Inglot sent me so many new year goodies. Lipsticks, lip liners, mascara and a mini eyeshadow palette – all really spicy colors. I think I’ll post a picture of the colors soon. I can’t use all right away so I’m considering doing a giveaway of some of these? Tell me.
The fog’s been pretty unbelievable this week. Have been loving the living room lights against the hazy blue so much, so much.
Got my Omani fort to light up. Tiny woohoo. I got this from Nizwa Souq on my trip to Oman a few weeks ago.
Last weekend’s fake posing with the Infiniti QX80, lulz. Cannot get a car and then not do Dil Chahta Hai kind of stuff with it; that would be just wrong and I have very strong values and principles (will post about our trip next week, I think).
If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. Happiest family and i seen how much you all enjoyed in the weekend in all the images…hope you got the best moments…great time…

  2. So I am your regular reader from quite some time now. I was wondering how to celebrate the new year. And should I have in mind to kick start, there were few things that I have conceived , majorely from your posts
    1. Not to run after money , rather than invest time in building skills / hobbies / interests that may eventually become source of earning
    2. Travel the length and breadth of this lovely planet . Sometimes we neglect our vicinites and skip manageable outings. Not to do that
    3. Family life is important and setting up home office can potentially bring a sustainable career path for girls , specially with kids.

    1. Author

      What an awesome summary. Good learning for me from your comment haha. Totally agree with all 🙂

  3. Coldplay ?? ???
    We cant go bcz of the kids ??? hope u have a blast but we ve plans to go for fireworks at burj khalifa… i love ur camera results..which camera do u use?

    1. Author

      Hope you had a good time at the fireworks. They're always so amazing! These pictures are half with the Samsung NX Mini and half with Nikon D5000.

  4. Do share ur thoughts on motion gate as to what age group of kids does it really cater to ! Lovely post 🙂

  5. Yess please do a giveaway of makeup im so much obssesed wid makeup 🙂 lucky girl
    I read al your blogs and always waiting for the new one love you you r truely blessed wid the best loving and caring hubsteretc MashAllah keep it up ☺ make your life more worthwhile

  6. Oh my loving this post. So refreshing! Coldplay… got sold out so quickly. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. We shall enjoy on snap, thanks to you ?
    The Omani fort is so cute! Do share if you spot it here in Dubai, would love to get one.

    Green signal for the Make up give away haha! Great idea.
    Oh and the Dil chahta hai poses – well done ?
    Keep up these great posts. Loving them!

    1. Author

      I know! Coldplay tickets literally disappeared in seconds! Will keep an eye out for the fort here 🙂

  7. Omg i LOVE Coldplay! Please keep updating snapchat. It'll make my night 🙂
    A giveaway sounds great…If only I win it 🙁

    Came to dubai a month ago but motion gate wasn't open. Please post things about this on snapchat too. Hehe

    Happy weekend. Next post next year Insha Allah 😀

    – Maheen A

    1. Author

      Hehe. Don't worry about missing Motion Gate, it wasn't fully open so better for you to check it out on a later trip 🙂

  8. er ma gerds I use Dil Chahta Hai as a measuring point for all dosti yaari related stuff, there's a lot of small things that make me happy in general but hanging out with my girls for New Years Eve, dhaba hoppping and my best friend's wedding are the things that are rocking my world :")

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