You guys know I had such a fantastic weekend in Bahawalpur. This gorgeous bag came with me from there, can’t wait to use it. But also don’t want to use because I want to keep it new forever. Facing many problems. The week really passed by in such a blur, I’m quite excited about this weekend. Going out with friends for a quick random hangout in the morning and then going to have Nabeel’s sister and kids over at our place for a couple of weeks so it will be family time, bros. Also, check out my Facebook or Insta because I have some majorly exciting thing happening to me today.

Trying to get work sorted with much color coordination in the office, thanks.

This guy making my life awesome everyday. It’s a nebulizing diffuser, you can read about it here if you wants.

Trying out this face mask today that I got when my friends were over in Dubai and went nuts shopping at Kiehl’s. I think the salesgirl took pity on me standing in a corner and tossed me a sample. Anyone tried it? I googled it but reviews were mixed.

Usual snack + peeking kitty always. There’s no way I can ever use this plate and not arrange my food in a way that the kitty’s always got one eye out. Mandatory.

If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. AHHH this bag is SUH pretty <3 just got back from Thailand and yesterday and all set for the weekend and creating some awesome content 😀

  2. From where did you got kiehls product in dubai? Kindly tell me

  3. The bags a beauty and the kitty plate fact was tots adorbs… soo cool

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