Some of the stuff that’s been packed into my suitcase for Bahawalpur (the shawl is mom’s, the jewelery is from the Blue Souq in Sharjah). By the time this post goes up, I would’ve hopefully reached the city (Inshallah). I’m going to be here with Nabeel courtesy of Travelwings and will stay until Sunday exploring this beautiful place which has always been on my bucket list. Follow along on Snap? I’ll excitedly show you tiny bits of the city as I discover it. (ID: shehzeen-r)
Stuff I got from Oman: Frankincense oil that I’m pretty stoked to try (Shehla got one too), my Omani topi that I lahv (it’s going to hang in my bedroom), a fort-shaped candle holder, a camel and a genie lamp; I rubbed it but nothing happened, it’s fake (lulz).
Got these for a friend from Aldo and then forced her to model them (camera mafia). I think they’re SO pretty. I’m not a bracelet kind of person but they looked stunning on her. They’re from the new collection so you can get your hands on them in stores right now. They’re called Maypen and were AED 50. For online, you can shop them worldwide here on ASOS (the color on their website is not showing the right gold) and a similar design in Dubai here.
The cutest magnet at Shehla’s place. At the risk of sounding very ridiculous, I just want to say that seeing that magnet made me very happy for a full 3 minutes.
A friend of mine is having his play called Howzat in Dubai tonight. It’s centered around the story of two couples living next door to each other on the Palm, one from India and one from Pakistan, and how they live together in modern Dubai. I would’ve loved to see it if I didn’t have travel plans. If you have open plans, go check it out. All details are here.
If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. Frankincense is one of my favourite essential oil but I suppose you got a natural/fragrance oil! Try diffusing it if you do not already. You could make some awesome blends for every mood. 🙂

    And that shawl is LOVE. <33333

  2. Where did you get the candle holder from? Was it the Nizwa souq? Coz I havent seen stuff like this in Muttrah and I love it. Most of the stuff you have done in Oman, I havent done despite being here for over 2 years. Now you have put Nizwa on my long bucket list.

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