Girls Trip 2016: Recap

Girls Trip 2016: Recap

Finishing off my trip with the girlfriends with a tiny little recap of all we did. This year, the girls flew over to Dubai (and thought it was sufficient travel for me to pick them up from the airport lulz). We spent three days at my place and then three days at a hotel and it was an amazing, amazing week. We pretty much hung out together and did ordinary stuff (food, movies, lounging) but because we don’t get to do that the rest of the year, it was all quite extraordinary. Some of you saw bits on Snapchat, this is for the rest of you. Enjoyaiz. 
The first day breakfast at home. I had Muneeza make French toast for me, extra burnt and crispy. She kept trying to stop halfway but I had to beg and plead about 25 times to ‘burn it just a little more’. It was yum. Also, revenues for Krispy Kreme reportedly went up during our trip since we binged on them like anything. FYI, Sumika doesn’t like chai (HAW) so that coffee is hers.
One of our many, many cab trips. Muneeza just wouldn’t register that the drivers could understand Urdu and kept talking about inappropriate things (and this wasn’t her first Dubai trip so really not sure what was happening).
One of our many, many breakfasts. We had such big meals everyday, I kid you not, I still can’t eat much, I’m that full.
I had French toast nearly everyday because currently I’m in French toast mode. Just a casual tidbit.
Official comment card filler and bookkeeper of all our trip expenses.
The day they went shopping for 8 hours and harassed different salespeople with questions no one ever asks.
At the Kiehl’s counter sitting by myself, until Sumika came and showed me some affection. Like petting your child and telling him to hang on just a little longer while the parents shop. I was targeted.
Also watched Ae Dil hai Mushkil (it was my second time) and these two loved it so much, they actually clapped in the intermission and at the end, LULZ. I’m just glad all three of us loved it equally and there were no haters between us (if you loved it too, here’s a flying pappi)
One of many, many amazing dinners. Dynamite shrimp at P.F. Chang’s.
The macaroons I had twice (they didn’t like them). These were from Fauchon which I’ve always found much better than Laduree (so overrated).
At-home bingeing with such glorious pizza. We watched lots of 90s pop videos and Bollywood songs and also lots of Koffee with Karan.
Conversations in bed with Krispy Kreme and hot beverages of everyone’s choice, thanks.
The incredible body massage I gifted to all of us. It was INCREDIBLE. The folks at Shangrila partnered up with me to do this ladies’ night for our trip and it couldn’t have been better. I did a tiny post on all details about this ladies night, you can read it right here.
Our room at the hotel once we checked out of my place.
Always interested in a good bathroom. Also, want a rainfall shower at home.
The incredible view from our room and the club level at the hotel. This was the only awesome thing about this place to be honest, the service at the hotel was so bad, but we obviously enjoyed because we were in the bubble of our girls trip and nothing evil could touch us, yas.
More breakfasts. Sumika memorizing the menu. Muneeza posing.
Took the most overpriced trip in a rickshaw around The Beach in JBR (15 AED per person, about 10 mins). It was so pointless but we had such fun. Hashtag no regrets.
Hi from inside our overpriced temp transportation.
Bumming around The Beach and JBR Walk everyday (because our hotel was on the strip).
They kept saying shopping is so fun and loading their cart. And I kept looking at my broken feet and one lipstick and thinking hain? (if anyone wants tips on how to not shop, please contact me, I’m a pro). They collectively shopped more in 2 days than I’ve shopped in two years. No jokes. At one point, two of us had to sit on a suitcase because it wouldn’t zip shut.
More outdoor food. Thanks, good weather. 
Food to sneak into the cinema (they really should have Krispy Kreme in the snack bar so we don’t have to compromise our morals, you know).
Watched Dobara Phir Se as well. Bad movie, good fun. Was shot beautifully with good production value but what a dabba story, boys. 
Last night sheesha and Moroccan tea on the beach on bean bags at Smokey Beach (at The Beach). It was such good weather and such an amazing vibe, we stayed there for over 2 hours, just talking.
Bubye at the airport.
Hope you guys enjoyed. If you have any questions about the trip, let me know. Until next time.

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  1. Haha. I can see you guys had lots of fun. That whole week me and besti was discussing you are your frineds.
    "Yaar did they go to Lush", "Nabeel bhai must be alone at home" , "Where are they gonna go next?

    1. Author

      HAHA. Really good questions 😛 They forgot about Lush and I didn't remind them cos I got tired 😛

  2. THERE ARE NO MEN IN THIS POST *dil khush* i kid i kid, you all have awesome husbands. THIS IS THE RECAP WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR, i hope all the list topics were covered and Muneeza didnt doze off after promising to stay up 😛

    1. Author

      Haha. This time we would all sleep by midnight because we would be up by 9 in the morning, lol. #LAME

  3. Looks like you had a great time. My girls and I are also planning a vacation to Dubai…mostly because that's the only place fiting into our budget ? Oh and we'll also have two toddlers with us so we'll have to compromise on a lot of activities otherwise we'd have loved to indulge in. Hope Dubai is good to us.

    1. Author

      Sounds so great! Don't worry about the toddlers, you'll have a great time. With friends, it all fits in 🙂

  4. Looks like you had a great time. My girls and I are also planning a vacation to Dubai…mostly because that's the only place fiting into our budget ? Oh and we'll also have two toddlers with us so we'll have to compromise on a lot of activities otherwise we'd have loved to indulge in. Hope Dubai is good to us.

  5. Amazing show.loved it to bits. Seemed like i was also traveling with u..
    Question to sneak in the cinema with donuts lol

  6. I am glad you girls had fun!! We ALL so need a getaway at least once a year from our daily lives/routine! I love Ranbir a lot and yes I enjoyed ADHM and saw it twice too! 😀

    PS. Pizzas <33 *salivates*

  7. Friendship goals!! uff! wish i had this kind of an experience ONCE in life – let alone every year

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