DIY Rainbow Tips Manicure

DIY Rainbow Tips Manicure

I’m a nailpolish lover and there’s no color I’ll say no to. But when it comes to nail art I only really love it when it’s done super minimally. And so minimal that it even puts minimal to shame. I’d been wanting to try out a rainbow tips manicure for quite some time and I didn’t expect to love it so much.
It takes a few extra minutes than your regular nail job but who doesn’t like a mission in life. Here’s a quick DIY that gives a finger to fancy nail tools, relies on jugaaroo methods and makes you happy all in 15 minutes flat.
Step 1: Pick out the colors you want to use. I like bright, vibrant colors mostly. You could even do pastels or an ombre like go from dark blue to powder blue? I randomly picked five colors that I thought went well together. Arrange them in the way they would look good together on your hands.
Step 2: Get some regular clear tape and tape off the tips on each finger. Better to do the left first to get the hang of things, unless you’re a leftie, in which case, you do the opposite (even DIY tutorials are biased towards us right handed people, we live in a privileged right-handed world, I feel for you my left handed bros).
Step 3: Apply each color on the destined tip. Let your tips dry.
Step 4: Then do a second coat (always do a second coat to get the right color). Let them dry again.
Step 5: Once the tips are dry, carefully peel off the tape. Don’t go all ninja on it because the nailpolish may come off if you viciously tear it off (general violence in life is not good). If you accidentally peel off some nailcolor, just spot fix it by applying with the brush slowly and carefully.
Step 6: Apply a sealant to coat the rest of your nail and make it all shiny and nice.
Step 7: Enjoy life.
That is all.
Colors I used: Thumb: DMGM Studio Color in Ocean Heights E26 / Index: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Firey Island 545 / Middle: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Tidal Wave 360 / Ring: Lakme Color Crush in 90 / Little: Maybelline Color Show in Fuchsia Petal 427 / Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-chip Top Coat.
Until next time.

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+ You can see the 5 Days of Nail Art (minimal, please) that I did once upon a time, right here.


  1. Oh my god I love it SO MUCH I CANNOT TELL YOU. Your taste is so good. I'm definitely trying it tonight!

  2. where's the batman bandaid that Nabeel put last night 😛

  3. I am not a nail polish lover and actually I pretty much hate it but I like this minimal thing. It looks cute though 🙂

  4. your hands are Masha Allah beautiful and this is SOOOO out of the box.. super cool

  5. Wow…i thoroughly enjoyed your post…such a nice thought you made…looking wonderful….do just like this something special in every time in your post.. have a great time….thank you..

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