Timeout: Bone Broth – The Magical Potion Of The Year. And More.

Timeout: Bone Broth – The Magical Potion Of The Year. And More.

1. I need this in my life. The internet has declared bone broth to be the magical potion of the year (the yakhni our parents used to feed us). I’ve been having my morning health shot for about 7 months now and do feel the benefits, and think I’m now ready to get this new thing into my regular routine. It’s supposed to heal your gut, strengthen hair/skin/nails, reduce cellulite, boost immunity, help with arthritis and is actually called better-than-botox. Going to try making it some time this weekend or the next. Here’s a recipe, although I’m not sure if this is the exact one I’ll be following (share tips if you have any).
2. Since everyone’s been talking about this show, I thought you’d like to read a one-on-one with the cast of The Crown today. It’s a biographical drama on Queen Elizabeth II right from the beginning so if you wanted to watch anything about the royal family, it’s up for you.
3. Ordered the Exfolikate from Kate Somerville (it’s an exfoliant) on Nordstrom a week ago. Can’t wait for it to get here, I think it’s coming today!). It’s got ah-mazing reviews on Sephora. I got the smallest size though because it’s expensive. Also, cost me a total of AED 200 to get on Nordstrom (the shipping was more than the cost of the product!) -_-
4. Really into this song from Coke Studio these days. It’s last season’s but somehow I never caught it then.

5.cancer story that made me emotional. All women should check themselves for early diagnosis.
Have a great week.


  1. Broth is an exceptional thing. It does wonders to your body. And about coke studio, I am not sure how did you miss it? It was everywhere on the internet when it came out 🙂 but it surely is a good one. Have you heard Aaqa by Ali Sethi and Abida parveen? Its from the same season. Its one of my favorite.

  2. As usual a great timeout post.. looking fwd to the product review and cancer is scary.. actually sickness is scary

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