My New Best Friend: Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas (+Discount Code)

My New Best Friend: Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas (+Discount Code)

Excuse me, would you like professional grade aromatherapy at home? If your answer is yes, you’ll love this post. (If your answer is no, you’ll still love this post because we’re friends #handshake)
So some time back someone reached out to me and told me that over-the-top candle usage is not the best thing to have around your house. I get a bunch of watchouts from readers from time to time which I then read up about and if it’s legit then I’ll work on it. So I was told that candle burning can mess with your health and therefore not the ideal thing to have in your home.
Now you guys know I’m a candle lover. I use them with happiness and joy and they really make rainbows come out of the skies for me. But after reading up in more detail about the potential side effects, I decided I had to introduce an alternative into my life (slowly). While I was exploring candle options that are perfectly safe to use (they’re definitely out there), I started reading up on diffusers and that just made me want to switch to them altogether.
What are diffusers for those of us who don’t know? Diffusers are devices that diffuse essential oils into your environment. These essential oils don’t just create fragrance but also come with multiple health benefits.
Now the world of diffusers is chaotic. Once you hit search on Google, you get a ton of options. Since diffusers aren’t disposable like candles and you can’t really experiment frequently, I wanted to pick one awesome diffuser and have a long term relationship with it. So I was ready to spend a little bit extra but get something that would be perfect and last me a while. But with all the options out there, it felt like I’d never be able to choose which one I wanted, especially because most of them looked pretty ugly.
One day, I accidentally landed on a diffuser by Organic Aromas on Amazon because it looked so good and so I started reading its reviews and everyone seemed to LOVE it. The more I read about it, the more I liked it. One night after dinner, I was hanging out on my couch, and I randomly reached out to those guys to ask if they’d like to work with me and guess what, they did. I was obviously ecstatic.
I chose the one I wanted and within days this guy was in my hands. I’m not lying when I say I was tripping to go to the post office to pick it up and assembled it the second I got home.
Within 3 minutes of turning it on, I was sold.
The fragrance was AH-MAZING. There’s no way a candle can compete with the strength and beautiful smell that a diffused essential oil will give you. And this diffuser in particular works so fast, it was instant love.
Nabeel, who generally has no opinion on such things, immediately said, “This is phenomenal”. And I said, “Yes please”.
I’m going to tell you the top reasons why I love this thing, a tiny comparison with other diffuser options I didn’t go for, and all the amazing benefits it comes with.
1. It’s safe to use. Most candles come with health risks, which once you read about, they kind of ruin your life (you can read a bit about them here). There are safe candle options out there, so you can definitely stick to candles if you want, or keep using the regular ones if you use them sparingly. But for someone like me who wants to do it everyday, I felt it important to switch to a diffuser because it’s perfectly safe. I do like the candle effect so I’ll still have a couple of candles around for when friends come over or maybe I’ll get the fake, glowing ones, we’ll see how it goes. But for permanent usage, this diffuser is my guy.
2. It’s absolutely plastic free. Most diffusers in the market are plastic which can corrupt the oil among other things (some are BPA free now, so not all of them are evil). This one is entirely handmade, with a wooden base and a body manufactured out of hand-blown glass. It only uses pressurized air and therefore is non-toxic and won’t release any chemicals into your home from its own self. There’s actually no better construction out there.


3. It’s a nebulizing diffuser. When you go diffuser shopping, you’ll realise there are a few types of diffusers and how they diffuse oil differs from the other. Some use heat, some dilute with water and some, like this one, nebulize – which means that it breaks up the oil into tiny molecules and releases that directly into the air. Therapeutic benefit and fragrance wise, this is the best method because you have the pure oil molecules hanging in your home as is. There’s no water to dilute the oil and no heat to configure the structure of oil.
4. You can actually smell it for a couple of days. The first day I ran it for about half an hour. The second day we went out for a while and on coming back, were blasted with the smell as soon as we entered. We couldn’t believe that the smell had lasted for 2 full days and that too so strongly that it was obvious at the main door.
5. Doesn’t add humidity or moisture. If you’re in a humid place, a water diffuser (called ultrasonic diffuser) will actually add moisture to your air. I don’t mind having moisture since here we’re always in air-conditioning which is drying, but this is a definite perk for someone looking for that.
6. It’s so quiet. It has the lightest buzz (which I love) which you can only hear if you’re sitting right next to it. Otherwise you just cannot hear it.


7. You only need it on for about 10-30 minutes. Because the oil is undiluted, it’s so strong, you don’t need it on for more than half an hour. And it works SO fast. Within a couple of minutes, your place will start smelling great. And it reaches a large space; my entire living area and entryway fill up beautifully. You can also use the toggle knob (see above) to tune how much of the mist should come out – I use it on the lowest setting. It also has auto-shutoff after 2 hours but I turn it off way before.
8. It looks so sexy. I love that it fits right into my home and doesn’t look like a white plastic spaceship from another galaxy. They have quite a few designs by the way – darker wood, black, white, even hand-carved ones (so beautiful, see these).
9. It has health benefits. The best part. You can actually get oils for whatever you need help with and can actually use them for healing. My main areas of interest currently are getting oils for pepping us up in the morning, for evening chill time and for rest at night. Still researching on which ones I want. And once again, it doesn’t dilute the oil or modify it so you get the full benefit of the pure essential oil.
10. It’s aromatherapy right at home. You guys know (I hope) that I love creating an experience at home. My home is my happy place and I don’t spend much on other stuff like clothes, gadgets, blah blah. I like to spend on my daily experience and this aromatherapy action at home is the best I could ask for. I love it.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
What you need to know before buying
While it’s superior in every way to all other kinds of diffusers, it does use more essential oils than a water-based diffuser. I’m okay with that since my previous total cost for candles is coming out pretty much the same as for this so it works for me. My guess is that it will go through 1-1.5 bottle of essential oil in a month if you use it everyday.
Anyway, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this diffuser and highly recommend it. If you guys could smell it, you’d be adding it to your shopping cart instantly. I want more and I actually plan on keeping one separately in my bedroom and burn different oils in there for rest and relaxation.
By the way, I was concerned that it’s glass and what if it arrives broken. It comes packed SO WELL, there’s no way it could break. See how everything is packaged in foam? There’s another sheet of foam on top when the box is closed.
There are definitely other diffusers out there that work well and are less expensive but this one delivers the best benefits and has multiple pros over others.
If you’d like to buy, I’ve got a special discount code for you guys to use (which they offered me themselves and I was like AWESOME). Just enter WONDERWOMEN at checkout and you get USD 10 off for any orders over USD 90. They also send a free bottle of oil to get you started which is great. They ship worldwide so no one has an excuse. Make sure you activate your one-year warranty online if you purchase.
It’s my new best friends. Seriously guys, go get it.
What: Nebulizing Diffuser
From where: Organic Aromas (website here)
Cost: $95 (if you use discount code WONDERWOMEN you’ll get it for $85)
Comments: I’ve been using this for about a month but I wanted to be sure that I totally loved it so you guys haven’t seen it on Snapchat etc yet (get ready now, lulz). I’m slowly phasing out candles so you’ll still see me using a few here and there.
Until next time.
This post is in collaboration with Organic Aromas but all opinions are mine and no one can take them from me.


  1. Never commented before but this made me! I've been researching on diffusers since a couple of months now. You're right can never decide which one to go with. Definitely going to bookmark this and read when I'm back home. Love this post, so helpful!

  2. this is what you were going to pick from the post office on Snap?? Creep alert 😛

  3. Zaberdast cheese!

  4. Loveee it. Will get me one soon!

  5. I am a huge fan of essential oils but I own a regular diffuser in which you dilute the oils. This is the first time I'm hearing of a nebulizing diffuser. My only concern is that essential oils are extremely potent and the nebulizing diffuser should only be used with 100% therapeutic grade EO. With so many cheap knock offs and diluted EO's, it's hard to know which brand is the best. YL and doTERRA oils bottles run anywhere from $20-$45 a bottle so that would be a high end purchase. What do you think about using a mid quality EO in the diffuser that you own?

    1. Author

      Yup, but technically 100% pure oils should be used in both because in both cases the oil is entering your breathing space. I'm thinking of trying Doterra or Mountain Herbs but I'll read up on it more(currently using the one they sent) Which one do you use and also which oils are your faves? I'd love some recos.

  6. I totally agree with you, but unfortunately any company can say "therapeutic grade, 100% EO' and get away with it since EOs are not regulated by FDA. Since any company can say that, i see SOOOO many companies selling EO, that it makes me suspicious.
    I initially started off with DoTerra Serenity Blend and it was OMG heaven. Used it for aid in sleeping and relaxation and it worked wonders. I tried YL too and liked all their single oils. Now i've moved on to a cheaper brand 'Simply Earth'. Was pretty impressed with how long the scent lasts and the quality of the scent, but i haven't done a comparison test with another brands of the same oil. I'm planning to make my own Roll on's with different recipes. And i made my own pillow mist which is awesome.

  7. ooh i got bergamot, fir needle, cedarwood, frankincense, lavendar, sage, orange. Love their smells and they can be used for different things. I already made my cheat sheet and stuck it in by bedroom. As you can see i'm having a slight obsession with EO's right now. hehe. Btw, i was a big fan of Scentsy candles but phasing out on my candle usage now.

  8. What kind of smell is it? i mean floral or woody or something else? just want to make sure before ordering


  9. The discount code still works!! 😀

  10. So do they deliver to Pakistan ?

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