‘Goodbye Braces’ Party

‘Goodbye Braces’ Party

Last weekend, we had a ‘Goodbye Braces’ party at our place for our friend Shehla who had finally ditched hers after two years. It felt like the perfect reason (always looking for an opportunity to have a tiny party, bros) so Nabeel and I put up some simple decorations, made clumsy (but cute?) props out of crap around the house, pulled together fake braces (true story), organized lots of food to feed Shehla specifically and had a blast.
I kept the décor super minimal and the only thing I bought were the triangle banners. And then used the food and random things to set up the table.
These are my dream decorations; just a casual, next-to-the-water-cooler kind of FYI.
Crappy props I made from stuff around the house (check the tiny bit of how-to detail on them at the end of the post).
For the table, I used the food as the primary decoration on paper plates I already had on me. For the fillers,  I just added plants from around the house, gold cutlery (that I got from Daiso once upon a time), plates for eating from West Elm that I got some time ago (and that are our usual dinner plates) and graphic tissues from IKEA that I’ve had for a while.
Just displayed the cutlery like that and I think it filled up the space nicely and looked like an accent.
All of our food was thanks to a small business in Dubai called Anum’s cuisine and it was SO GOOD, you guys. We loved everything. There were chicken patties, peri bites, chicken kebabs, aloo samosas, chicken sandwiches, spring rolls, dahi baray and tiramisu.
The biggest hits for me were the chicken patties, they were the melt-in-your-mouth kind and the tiramisu was kickass. Nabeel and I both aren’t big fans of Tiramisu in general but we loved it so much, I cannot wait to have it again.
The peri-bites were perfect (there are no peri-bites at Nandos in the UAE!) and the chicken kebabs were like nothing I’ve tried before.
The perks of getting such affordable food catered for a get-together is that you don’t have to do anything. I honestly never enjoy if guests are over and either me or Nabeel are in the kitchen – we always hang out with friends throughout the thing (or we just prep food at home WAY in advance and don’t have anything that requires consistent checking. No matter how good it is and will make people go nuts – if you’re hanging out with a daigchi more than your friends then it’s not worth it).  
Anyhoo. The food came packed beautifully, nothing had leaked or gone soggy and, like I said, the taste was fantastic. We picked finger food but Anum also does main course items like Singaporean Rice, Keema, Biryani, etc. You can follow Anum’s Cuisine on Facebook here and Instagram here.
Post-eating we took pictures with my masterfully created props. Obviously.

Then I politely requested (can also be read as emotionally blackmailed) everyone to put on the fake braces I’d put together (tiny how-to at the end) as a send-off to Shehla’s braces. I used a different camera for this so we all look kind of plastic but it was important to share this. (Our skins do NOT look like this please)
Ended the day with a hilarious round of Taboo.
It was the best.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Decorations: Triangle Banner (AED 16 each, you have to assemble it on the ribbon. I got four)
Dinner Plates: West Elm (you can see all here)
Cutlery: Daiso (each piece was AED 7)
Glasses: Home Centre (a year old)
Props: Simple printouts on our home printer, (terribly) glued together on leftover cardboard from around the house
DIY Braces: I picked up wire from Ace Hardware and wrapped foil around it (from this tutorial. I didn’t make the wire wrap around to the back of the teeth and also didn’t glue the foil)
What: Anum’s Cuisine can cater food for a hi-teas, lunch or dinner for 5-15 persons (can inquire if you have more people).
Format: Order in advance, delivered to anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah on the required date
Minimum Order: AED 100, delivery charges AED 15 within Dubai/Sharjah
Order requirements: Place order 2 days in advance (urgent orders can be accommodated on1 day’s notice depending on availability)
How to order: Request Anum’s Cuisine for the menu through their Facebook page. Custom orders also possible based on individual requirements.
Cost of our spread: Our food was sponsored but the cost for an exact such spread for 6-7 persons would be AED 260 which is SO affordable (we were all bursting by the end of it) 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
+ You can check out the table décor I did last Ramzan here.
+ + There’s a giveaway going on with Jooti Shooti for all Pakistan readers. You can enter here.


  1. hahaha this is SUCH a fun party idea and a way to celebrate a milestone – Hope Shehla of the creative soy candles is feeling amazing post metal removal <3

  2. Most creative simple out of the box kinda party ever.. u r rockstar dww

  3. How much free time you have!

    1. Author

      No one has free time, babe. You just have to make time for people you love.

  4. I love the simple yet fun party decor! and the food!

    Can you please do some post on budget cameras having good results just like you have in all of your pictures. I am just fed up with these mobile phone cameras , they make everything look less colorful and more artificial.

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