Next weekend two my best friends get here for our annual girls trip. All three of us are beyond excited and rapidly discussing plans on how to accomplish absolutely nothing in six days. For this weekend, I want to spend loads of slow time with N to compensate for all the distance coming up in a few days. And that’s it. Shoes in the picture are from Chapter 13’s new collection, you can get them here (they’re exquisite). Earrings are from the Blue Souq in Sharjah.

Received this awesome round bag from Shein and I love it SO much. It’s out of stock now, but you can buy the black version here, which was actually my first choice but I already have too many black bags so I thought I’d make life a little exciting and try grey (the irony). Only USD 25, bros, with worldwide shipping. I tried it out for a couple of weeks before posting just to see if it would fall apart in any way (since it’s from a very low-cost website), but it’s doing great.
Shopping for any kind of tea and then trying out the stuff I got is one of the highlights of my life (please feel free to judge, this truly is super lame). Picked up these three; liked the Peppermint and Fennel and have been having them everyday since. And though Chamomile is one of my favorites in general, the smell of honey in this one was so strong and weird, I had to stand a mile away and ask Nabeel to get rid of the bag (if anyone wants, that box is up for grabs).

Have been having this morning drink for months now, sometimes going off for a couple of weeks but then I get back on it. It’s been the most disciplined thing I’ve done this year. When I first started having it, I wasn’t sure of its benefits but wanted something good to start the day with. I’ve noticed that it really helps with my overall health, cuts bloat and if I’m eating clean, then it helps in losing weight faster than usual (it won’t work on its own, so you can’t have a pizza and then have this). The honey’s from Masna un Nehel that was sent to me a few months ago and you can order it from their Facebook page if you want (they ship all across Pakistan and the honey is raw, unprocessed).

Got a tour of the new 7-star cinema by Novo at Festival City when we went to watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them this week (it was an advance media preview, but the movie should be out by now). These cinemas are everywhere now but I still can’t decide which movie I want to splurge the extra cash on to experience these. The seats were pretty luxe though, very smooth recline, comfortable, USB ports etc.

If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. Completed a VERY challenging food shoot (who would say no?!) for a major client, and it turned out to be better than I expected, so just happy feels and grateful weekend vibes all over!

    Love the bag, love its price even more. Looking forward to doing nothing all weekend, except who am I kidding, I will probably be cleaning out almaariyaan for winter clothes.

    1. Author

      Wow that sounds like such a fab project. Always a Ln awesome thing to end your week ok. Show some final shots when ready? I hateeeee winter clothes sorting, so glad I don't have to do it here :O Good luckkk

  2. Can you share your morning drink recipe please

  3. GAHHH i had the best day yesterday so I am on cloud 9 (i made a new friend, got a brand to agree to our way of doing things and finished all my tasks for the day) and amna and I are doing a girls trip too so please to watch our social medias for more updates hehe <3

  4. Looking forward to catching up on some shows this weekend (I'm obsessed with "The Crown" btw). And the weather has become lovely in lahore so maybe will try to go out for coffee with the hubby 🙂

    – Maheen A

  5. Your posts are always so interesting, i always read them but laziness main i don't comment but seriously they are super helpful !

  6. Ufff the fri posts are too good. Super excited to follow you on snap fr the girls trip and the shoes and earrings are wow

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