A few days ago I met someone who had the most beautiful apartment with an incredible view. Not everyone gets to have something beautiful to look at every single day so to me this is a privilege, a potentially short-term gift. But then that person mentioned how they hardly ever get to ‘see’ the view because they’re so busy. “Busy people don’t have time to sit around and look at views”. This made me sad because I feel this has nothing to do with schedules and everything to do with perspective. To own something so beautiful, to be the lucky one to have been blessed with something like this, to have enough resources to translate your hard work into something tangible – and then not being able to appreciate it feels like such a miss. Not stopping to value your life above disposables. All beautiful things in life – superficial ones like good views, deeper ones like capabilities and good relationships – deserve to be stopped for and appreciated every now and then (if not everyday). What then is the point of having anything at all if it’s not for yourself.  
New family member from Mood at Mall of the Emirates. I’ve always wanted an astronaut in the house, you could categorize this as a life goal. I have achieved a life goal. (He’s actually a vase but I’m not going to use him like that….for now). Also, that’s not his spot, I dethroned the Arch Angel for a bit to photograph this guy until we could figure his permanent spot out.

Some clothes hauling at River Island for a shoot coming up on the blog in a couple of weeks.
A kickass, hilarious round of Taboo with friends.
Late night ice-cream binge leftover from last weekend’s party.
If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.
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  1. Dr strange!!! On Sunday…. plus breakfast date with friend… it's gonna b an awsum sunday IA …

  2. Lovedddd it……. we must live our lives to the fullest.yea i m really excited for ossiano tmrw inshaAllah at atlantis for a tea with hubby n kids ? its an underwater restaurant ??

  3. The astronaut vase is SO cool. And I also love the 'view' picture and the description. 🙂

  4. Highlight of the week: a much needed, soul searching type of talk with a friend who is in the other end of the world for her studies.Nothing beats a good heart to heart chat with a friend ❤

  5. ThAt astronaut vase is love

  6. Going to Canada to visit my parents/babysitters of my 10 week old for a month! Hope he behaves on the plane ?
    Question: desert safari in Dubai with a 4 month old..yay or nay?

  7. AH I had an awesome week, Ms Marvel came in the mail, we got some shoes for an exciting blog post amna and I are working on, some freelance projects are hopefully coming through and I am planning to do a major round of cooking and baking this weekend. OH AND MY FAVORITE YOUTUBE COOKING CHANNEL SORTED FOOD RESPONDED TO MY TWEET AHHHH!

  8. One of the most enjoyable friday posts ever. The first thot was my fav and then excited abt the river island shoot. The astro looks kick ass and totally wnt this icecream

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