Chilling With The Girls – Things To Do

Chilling With The Girls – Things To Do

This one is Atiya & Amna’s last intern post on the blog and also the final post of the entire internship program for this year. I loved having them and am already feeling nostalgic about not frequently exchanging emails with them 🙁
Amna and I are HUGE fans of hanging out with our girlfriends. There is seriously nothing better than many cups of chai, snacks and endless catching up on what is going on in our lives. For this post we bring you three fun but (possibly) unusual things that you can do with your friends to change things up. We also added in some variations on all three ideas so we hope we’ve got everyone covered. Let’s do this!
Idea #1: Gamer Girls Night In
Movies, snacks and trying out makeup are very important for a girl’s night in BUT if your husband or a brother or even you have a console it is time to call a gaming night. Break stereotypes that women don’t game and if you feel silly punching buttons while blowing people up, let us tell you that it is pretty therapeutic.

Set the mood: Decorate the main area with fairy lights, pillows and rugs. You do not have to do anything fancy, just pile on the pillows for a cozy, home-y feel. If it’s a two-player game, then the rest can lounge around as you take turns (if even one person’s got the technical skills, then everyone could even bring their own laptops and do a group session over the home network!)   

What to serve: Doughnuts, bakery goods like samosay, patties, chicken sticks – basically finger food that is easy to pick and eat so that there is maximum gaming pleasure.
What to do: Gaming obviously but to take it up a notch, have a friendly competition between your friends, two of you can team up against two others, or you can all compete separately and see who comes out on top. Winner gets an extra chocolate glazed doughnut.
Don’t want to game? Here’s what else you could do
Karaoke Night In – If gaming is not your scene then it is time to unleash your inner American Idol. Setting up a karaoke station takes nothing more than a laptop, mic (hairbrush if you’re in a pinch) and speakers and now you can go to town! YouTube karaoke versions of your favorite songs and sing along to the words. It won’t please Simon Cowell but it will result in a lot of laughs and good memories.
Make your own pizza – I have done this way back in my university days when I had the time to be creative with activities. I got a stack of ready-made pizza crusts and laid out toppings like mushrooms, olives, capsicum, corn, chicken etc. You can make this as fancy or as simple as you want and then get everyone to assemble their pizzas. Bake them in the oven and then devour together.

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Idea #2: Picnic in the Park
A picnic in the park sounds like a far-fetched idea for Pakistan, but trust us, it is possible. There are a lot of neighborhood parks where you and your ladies can plop for a few hours and talk and play board games so have faith and give this a go.

Set the mood: Other than a large picnic blanket under a tree or even a shade there is not much you need. Some parks have gazebos where you can set up for the day and get shade from the sun.

What to serve: Picnic food! Sandwiches, pound cake, mini pizzas, anything that doesn’t drip and transports easily. To get a little bit naughty, make these rocky road crunch bars for dessert.
What to do: Break out the Taboo! And Cards Against Humanity, Uno and playing cards. Basically all the board games. It is a great way to bond and eat and compete, while enjoying the weather.
Don’t want to go to the park? Here are a couple of variations
Backyard Picnic – Say you cannot find a park where you and your friends feel comfortable enough to sit, then take the party to the comfort of your own backyard. You can spread a picnic blanket and serve the same food except the best part is that there is a bathroom nearby and that is probably the greatest thing ever.
Eat by the Sea (or any other body of water) – If you live by the coast this should be easy. If not, you can always drive out to a lake or a man-made creek and set up over there. Get burgers and sit at the edge of the sea and enjoy.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Idea #3: Fancy Ladies Brunch aka Galentine’s Day
Remember that Parks and Recreation episode where Leslie Knope is literally surprised that why would people ever eat anything other than breakfast food? Well we here are firm believers that breakfast food is the cure to all ailments and what better way to celebrate female friendship than to relieve everyone of kitchen duty and make an appointment for brunch at a fancy hotel? It’s like the mini staycation Shehzeen wrote about earlier except that it is short and sweet.

Set the mood: Dress up! Put on makeup, heels whatever your heart desires and get ready to bring your best poses. You and your gals are the stars of this morning so go to town.

What to serve: Whatever’s on the brunch menu. Indulge in the bread basket, obviously.
What to do: Round the table games like Would You Rather or even reminiscing what you first thought of each other before becoming besties are great ways to keep the conversation flowing and keep the girl love coming along.
Switch to Hi-Tea – If mid-mornings are hectic for your friends because of kids or other commitments then switch the plan to hi-tea. It’s exactly the same feels except there are chocolate mousse cups.
Turn it into a pot luck – If you would rather have the party at home, then get all your gals to make their favorite breakfast dish and bring it to your place. This still relieves you of kitchen duty and everyone can relax and have a good time sampling each other’s homemade delicacy.
Spending time with your girls is the best therapy and a tradition that you should encourage in your group no matter how busy everyone gets. Hope you loved the simple ideas to add the extra kick to your get-togethers.
Atiya and Amna are all about the good life. From books, sci-fi to pop culture and fashion, you can find them always talking and joking over a cup of tea. Find them on Instagram at @atiya107 and @amnaabbas and their blog at @blogthegoodlife. To read more about these girls, check out the meet the interns post.
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  1. What a fun and refreshing post! Loved the gaming idea the most. Need to get my friends on board with this.

  2. great post guys. your photography also went up a notch from your previous posts 🙂

  3. This post makes me miss my friends. They are all somewhere else and I am somewhere else.

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