A Quiet Day

A Quiet Day

So I was sitting here at my desk working on a project proposal with a cup of chai (per usual). I surprisingly didn’t have any music on today, just the quiet typing on my keyboard and the subtle buzz of the diffuser, casually trying out a DIY eye mask in parallel (the perks of working from home) and that’s when I realized: It’s going to be a quiet day. I somehow have no calls scheduled, no meetings to go to today. I’ll be home the entire day, just replying to emails and working on some documents, with a high probability of not speaking much to anyone.

I’m not much of a talker, unless I’m with people I’m close to, and so being completely quiet and alone with myself is one of my favorite things ever. I pushed the post I’d scheduled for today over to tomorrow and thought I’ll free up my headspace and talk random with you guys.
* Lately, work has been super busy. I have more projects than I can manage (mashallah) and it’s stuff that’s super exciting. I feel grateful for all that comes my way. I feel pride for always sticking to my blogging ethics and not endorsing everything that comes to me. I’ve started seeing the results of that now more than ever; I feel happy that I chose slow, authentic growth. 
* I’ve been trying to eat clean but am struggling. I’m in a way better place than what it used to be – moving from having junk food every night to having it a couple of nights a week only. I’ve done better before so I know I can be better. But still struggling.
* N and I have been wanting to start work on fixing our guest bedroom and converting it into a partial studio, but somehow we let our weekends get swallowed up by hanging out with friends, watching movies and just plain chilling – which is of course not a bad thing but we do want the room sorted too and at the end of each weekend, we wish we’d kept a couple of hours to do that. The rest of the apartment is in really good shape. It feels clean and detoxed and with everything in its place. It feels good to live here.
* There’s a building getting constructed right next to ours which means we won’t have the gorgeous view of the marina anymore in a few months. I don’t feel disappointed about that. I feel like we’ll enjoy it for as long as it’s meant for us. I’m curious to discover what happens when our view gets changed, you never know what good could come out of that.   
* Last night, I booked the hotel for my upcoming girls trip. My two best friends who’re coming over will be staying at my place the first few days but we decided to have a couple of nights at a hotel, removed from other things. I’m excited to hang out with them and just do nothing.
* I feel a craving for mithai that just won’t quit. Chum chum, gulab jamun, pateesa, qalaqand, many kinds of halwas (daal, akhrot, sohan, habshi, kaddoo, sigh).
* I feel content. And thankful for my life. The buzz of the construction downstairs is annoying to a lot of people but somehow it doesn’t bother me. It’s been on for months and it’s become a part of my background noise. I think about the hard life the construction workers have at least once a day. I’m glad the weather is calming down. It’s very hard being out in the terrible heat through your entire work day and then do physical labor on top.
It’s not easy getting hold of a quiet day with yourself, harder for some people more than others. I’m happy I got the chance. Getting myself some coffee now, lighting a candle and making the most of it.
Tell me what’s been on your mind lately.


  1. can we have more of these posts? I loved reading this unstructured heart to heart kind of post 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you, will definitely slip some more in when I'm feeling it 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this post so much. With two kids I never find the time for a quiet day like this and am perpetually tired. I recently started to drop them off at my parents for once a month and just relax at home with shows and pizza. Its the best!

    1. Feeling the same with my two kids. Inspired by your idea. I told a friend recently that I never knew silence could feel like a spa

  3. For some reason, I read this entire post in Morgan Freeman's voice in my head. You know the super deep voice overs he does.

    To be very honest. I feel like I have grown with you. I followed your blog before I started my venture and working professionally with you in the beginning taught me a lot about how I eventually handled things; both professionally and personally. Just learning to let the small stuff go has had a major impact on my daily happiness. So you, Shehzeen, by being honest and working hard, not only did good things for yourself but you've also had an impact on my life and many others I think. I hope it all comes back to you in ways that enrich your life.

    1. Author

      You almost made me cry. And by almost I mean totally. That's so generous of you, man. Thank you SO much. And now I'm going to go back and read this post with Morgan Freeman as the voiceover 😛

  4. So i have ALWAYS always loved quiet time to myself but lately I think I have gotten too restless, I am always on social media or whatsapp and I think I need a break, to read, to think to disconnect. I feel like my brain is always firing. And I talk a lot so thats a thing too. BUT i am eating clean and exercising daily, it has been 6 days and i feel fabulous, if someone as impulsive as me can do this, you with your patience CAN DO IT *fist bump*

    1. Author

      You've motivated me, I think I need to begin 🙁 Kal se pakka. Please, God, support please.

  5. Still under the spell of my trip from which I returned last week. I'm usually on the plan or roaming around the streets of Rome or Paris in my dreams usually 😀 will be meeting a friend on Friday who moved to Canada more than a year back, so excited for that. I have a bbq dawat at my home on Sat for while I will cook solely so yea pretty nervous/excited for that *.*

  6. i know how you are feeling, in my case had guests at home who left yesterday night and now a peaceful quiet morning to myself before the school run etc etc

  7. Since I became a mom, I have fallen in love with quiet time. I crave it. I NEED it. So I am totally with you about embracing everything about the silence. Nothing irritates me during theach few hours when kids are in school. I could feel your post.
    Sending power, sucess and love your way.

  8. Love this post. The quiet time is indeed a necessity now. I enjoy this time when my son goes to scholl and when he takes a nap. It feels so good and relaxing. I just feel that I need some 'me time' everyday.

  9. Ufff this post was such a pleasant surprise.. it was soooooo detoxifyinnggg. u have such a talent dww it amazes me every time and the thots are so genuine that they are a beauty. you are what life is all about. you are mindblowingly awesome

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