Timeout: A Stunning Rug DIY Project. And More.

Timeout: A Stunning Rug DIY Project. And More.

1. Temporarily lost my mind over this stunning rug project. What a great idea and such a fabulous execution.

2. West Elm launching their own chain of boutique hotels. And the reason is pretty interesting.
3. A one-on-one with the boy cast of The Girl On The Train. If you haven’t seen the movie, skip this, because, spoilers.

4. 10 TV stars who hid their pregnancies on screen.

5. The saddest books you’ll ever read. I’ve only read about four of these.

Until the next time.


  1. I love all your posts but.. the list of Saddest Books made me so sad because it's such a bad list.
    Where's anything by Kafka or Camus or Dickens? Where's Hemingway? Where's Elie Wiesel? The person who compiled the list needs to up their reading game. 🙁

    1. Author

      Chalo here's a project for you, make the saddest of sad books list and send to that person and tell them to sort their shit out.

  2. Really wanna read these sad books…how sad is that? Lol.. the diy rug thing was goooood

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