Timeout: Jewelery Campaign Celebrating The Beauty Of Age. And More.

Timeout: Jewelery Campaign Celebrating The Beauty Of Age. And More.

1. Gorgeous jewelery campaign by Karen Walker that’s built around the beauty of aged hands. Loved what she said about one of her model’s hands: “I don’t find any of these images confronting. I think they’re all very beautiful. Thin skin and prominent veins happen when you’re in your 90s — no avoiding it. Phyllis has used these magic hands to play piano, do yoga handstands and express herself in a balletic way.”

2. Don’t know if you’ll enjoy this, but I had fun looking inside the SNL costume closet.

3. You’ve probably seen the Dyson blowdryer everywhere by now, but you won’t BELIEVE how it gets tested in the lab. This video is a must-see. During testing, the blowdryer gets shaken, whipped around, thrown on the floor and also gets a human to step on it.

4. 8 life lessons from some funny wimmenz.

5. Such a good piece on why we love to tear women down. I’ve unfortunately seen, even some otherwise well-meaning women, always trying to find something to hate in a female. It’s disappointing and sad.

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  1. ON POINT LINKS this week. Nothing like feminist reading to get my week off on a good start <3

  2. Loved the ageing celebration shoot. High time we give nature due credit too. And loved the 8 lessons too, so simple yet so impactful

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