Timeout: A Gorgeous Retreat Home Tour. And More.

Timeout: A Gorgeous Retreat Home Tour. And More.

1. Love so many things about this home retreat.

2. Just a chill interview with Jennifer Aniston. Ainveen.

3. Want to try making something like this no-sugar iced tea for when I want something to drink that isn’t a brutal injection of sugar.

4. Just a 1 minute video of some bunnies to fix your Monday blues.

5. Like almost all of these tips to make a sluggish workday go by faster.

Until next time.

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+ The winners of the 3 Footwear giveaway are Fasiha Afzal and Maria Shahid (@mariabshahid). Congratulations guys! Inbox me on Facebook or email me at thedesiwonderwoman@gmail.com for more details.


  1. How have you edited your blog, Shehzeen? I must would've tried something like million times but I can't change anything and cannot even design it myself!

    1. Author

      Just pick any template on blogger and use that if you don't know how to. I've learnt over time through Google 🙂

  2. Oh I am sorry! I thought I just wrote the first comment and forgot to publish. So, wrote the same one again and before typing anything else I just entered! Eh!

  3. Loved the tips sooo soo much and the house retreat was so refreshing. Love it

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