Timeout: DIY Embroidered Patch Jacket. And More.

Timeout: DIY Embroidered Patch Jacket. And More.

1. So much laooo for this patch jacket. Will accept volunteers who can do this for me, thanks.

2. Great packing hacks. I’m a personal fan of roll-the-clothes one, it actually packs in double the stuff than the usual fold-and-stack.

3. These DIY costumes are ridiculously adorable. I hope and pray for a time when I can wear these on a regular day and go do groceries or something. 

4. Self-help book recos on Apartment Therapy.

5. Have you heard of coffee in a cone? Apparently, it is, or going to be, a thing. Sigh.

Until next time.


  1. Loved the patch jacket and the travel.hacks.. have awesome recos on self.help books but i call them power books.. self help feels very defeatist hahaha.. what say dww?

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