Outdoor Plans List

Outdoor Plans List

Wadi Shab in Oman where I went on a road trip with friends in 2011 and it was breathtaking
Happier/cooler months are coming and somehow this year I’m so pumped to get outdoors and stay out as much as my lazy self will allow (being super active 24/7 is not in my genes). I’ve prepared a list of things I’d love to do – I’m in Dubai but you can do most of these anyplace where the weather’s cool and the spirits are high. Some of these things I’ve done, some will be for the first time, my enthusiasm for both categories is unmatched.
So since there are limited weekends and the list is long, I’m hoping to attempt about 25% of it? Let’s review.
1. Go for walks in our neighborhood a couple of times each week
2. Hang out at the park with food and a book
3. Wake up to catch the sun rise, get breakfast afterwards
4. Also, catch a sunset from an interesting spot
5. Go overnight camping in the desert, sleep under the stars
6. Have lots of chai dates on the marina at night
7. Go cycling
8. Sleep one night in our tiny balcony
9. Go on a tiny road trip with friends, make pitstops, eat, explore randomly
10. Go hiking somewhere outside of Dubai
11. Go for a walk on the beach, then have burgers
12. Check out some old areas of Dubai
13. Read books and have snacks in the balcony
14. Explore a couple of outdoors cafes or restaurants I haven’t been to
15. Go to a farmers’ market
Most of this is slow stuff which I enjoy doing more than other things but no regrets.
So incredibly excited, bros.


  1. I don't know its just how you write things, it makes me want to do all those things 🙁

  2. what she said up there ^
    – saira

  3. Wow this makes me want to list down all the things I should do in the winter too but it's winterrr and we are supposed to curl up in bed with a heap of blankets on top and do nothing. Occasionally, sneak in a cup of hot chocolate, if you will. Absolute bliss.
    Good luck with your plans tho.

    Also, happy winter! Too early but who cares, amirite

  4. Your list is so incredibly inspiring 🙂 I think I'll be adding some of these to my to-do list for winters in lahore.

  5. Loved the list so diverse yet so doable.. way to go dww

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