Love the afternoon light in my room these days. We’re having dinner really early these days around 6:30 or 7 pm which allows us a long evening to get other things done, which feels nice. The weather’s appropriately calmed down at nights so N and I went for a walk around our neighborhood after dinner this week. It was slow and peaceful. I feel grateful. 
My dad often used to find forgotten cash in his jacket pockets months after putting it in. It always used to be pretty exciting to hear him exclaim that he found something – not saying much about my life to say that I found that exciting but finding forgotten stuff just always felt special. A couple of days ago N wore one of his formal jackets to work after a long time and after coming back home was putting it back in the closet when he exclaimed, ‘What’s this?’. Turns out it was this MAC lipstick (Lady Danger) that I’d been looking for since AGES and thought I’d lost it. I wore it on my brother’s wedding way back in December and had put it in N’s pocket for touchups in case of a food disaster or something. Finding it after 10 months felt like a very sweet gift from the universe and also just a nice reminder that you’ll sometimes find something you want when you’re least expecting it. 
Putting broken rings back together. Discovered these in my bedroom purge I did recently.
Bought this on the way back from my neighborhood walk. Have no idea what to expect but excited to try it in a drink I’ve been planning to make since a few days. If you use this, tell me how you do it, I’d love to try something interesting out.
A very exciting delivery this week that I can’t talk about because it hasn’t launched yet but acting like a  wannabe and posting here anyway. The heart wants what it wants, friends.
If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.
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  1. Great post! Make chia pudding with the coconut milk, add red fruits or pineapple. Weekend plans are going to Paris for the first time with my better half 🙂

    1. Author

      Ooooh I love chia pudding, great idea. And Paris…HOW exciting. Hope you have a fantastic trip.

  2. You find value in ordinary things. It's a pleasure to read.
    So two things happened. My dad had his angioplasty and came back home last week after 4 days of stay at the hospital. He is doing reasonably good.
    My twin got married this week. The girl's from Poland. My brother met him in Sweden.So the wedding was a cross cultural experience for her as well as us.They would b heading back to Sweden next month.

    1. Author

      Oh wow. Lots has been happening with you. Hope your dad has gotten even better, my prayers for him. And congratulations on your brother's wedding, so special, that too a twin's! And the wedding sounds verrrry exciting, hope they have a fabulously happy and content life together.

  3. Hey desi wonder girl i wd say…make pina colada out of ur freshly bought supply…chunk on pineapple n give urself a treat..?

  4. Well week started on a depressing mode but has improved.luking forward to celebrating my little cuz's birthday over weekend

    1. Author

      Awwh, hope you're feeling more spirited now. And hope you had a good time at the birthday 🙂

  5. This week was quite depressing till now in 2016, i had a great fight with my husband that lasts for 3 days that never happened before. let me tell you both of us doing PhD i am done with my research work now days i am waiting for my defense date. My husband is coping with both business and PhD however so this week end with the worst news as our malaysian bank have blocked my husband account due to heavy transactions and now we are struggling to open a new business account which is not an easy task when you are not local

    1. Author

      You know when such bad days happen where everything seems to be falling out of place, I just try to remind myself that even though the small things are out balance, the big things are fine, like life, family, relationship. Hope you've made up with the husband :* A PhD on its own is so challenging, IA you guys should be done soon and have it a little easier.

    2. Author

      Btw if you read this comment, someone down below relates to your Malaysian problem 🙂 Check it out.

  6. Nice read for the weekend!
    So sorry doing this on your post/blog but this is to the unknown comment on October 28th at 11:41 PM, Hey! you in Malaysia? Me too, studying just like you and facing many difficulties just like you mentioned just for the sake of not being a local here!

    1. Author

      No worries, bro. Had no idea things could be tough with this non-local thing in Malaysia 🙁

  7. Aww thank you for consoling @Thedesiwonderwomen and yes fight is over between us 😛 we are again in intense love. Moreover, my husband plan a trip to mount everest base camp to cope with stressed routine <3 and thanks @talia_a for sharing same concerns 🙂

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