Annual Girls Trip 2016: It’s Happening.

Annual Girls Trip 2016: It’s Happening.

From our trip in Thailand last year
You guys. We just locked down our dates for our annual girls’ trip (better known as December Mania to us and long time reader friends) and I couldn’t be more excited.
If you’ve been reading for quite some time (I love you), you probably know what this is about. For the rest, me and two of my best girl friends, Sumika and Muneeza, do an annual timeout every year. We get together without husbands/kids and just chill out over food, lots of talking and random stuff thrown in.
We started doing this in 2013 very accidentally but enjoyed it so much, it was immediately locked down as a mandated practice. It will be our fourth one this year and we’re getting together end of November to make it happen. And we’re doing it in Dubai (the other two really wanted Dubai so I had no choice even though it’s home to me)
I don’t see these guys enough, possibly a couple of times a year so this is super, super special to me. What I love the most about our simple setup is how we commit to it and pull through every year. All three of us have full-time, demanding jobs. Sumika also has a young, spirited boy. But we take this time out for ourselves. Both these girls are super hardworking, fully invested in their careers and personal lives and support themselves. We save up each year, we make our schedules match and we make it happen no matter what.
This year, particularly, we had crazy schedules around this time of the year and it almost seemed like it couldn’t happen. Muneeza had back to back work travel and campaigns planned. It was the exact same for Sumika. We almost gave up on matching dates, then managed to find this tiny window end of November, swore at each other a bit for ruining the other person’s life, finally moved a few things around and we were ready to go.
SO excited. N is always supremely excited about this, I found him watching YouTube tutorials on how to make a gift bag to make welcome packs for the girls when they were coming for this in 2014, LOL (I love him).
Going to share a bit of it with you guys so even though it’s still a month out, just come join me on Snap right now. ID: shehzeen-r. I’d love to have you come along (for the socially appropriate bits at least).
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
+ If you’d like to see snippets of our prior trips, here they are: 2014 in Dubai, 2015 in Thailand (we also did 2013 in Islamabad but no one cared to document it).
+ + Also, if you want to read about how this tradition got started.
+ + + There’s a giveaway running for a 14 mask goodie bag from 7th heaven on my Facebook right now, feel free to enter right here


  1. I feel like I deserve a recognition badge or something because Ive been following your trips since the beginning! Haha. Excited to see this one too. Have fun.

  2. I ALWAYS ALWAYS hate your girls trips because I want them for myselfffffffff. Adult tantrum alert. Already on Snap and waiting to get updates on this 😀

  3. I am very happy for you girls that you are having it again despite of so much commitments. All the best

  4. IT S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN YASSSSSS <3 will obsessively follow all social media (as if i didnt already)

  5. I have been part of all-girls trips since 2007. But those were work related trips. Last year my colleagues and I decided to have a trip abroad arranged solely by our department. Turned out only three of us managed to go.We went to Thailand. This trip is close to out hearts coz we managed everything ourselves. The best part of trip was convincing this one girl to go who has never travelled abroad or without her family. How my parents reacted to the my decision is another story but I established myself as an adult and I m super excited for it. MBS

  6. This is sooo surreal you guys r going againnn masha Allah.. thanks for inspiring all of us and spreading so mcuh happinss. And what catchy nam december mania.. noice

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