Timeout: A Korean Beauty Blog Find. And More.

Timeout: A Korean Beauty Blog Find. And More.

1. Since Korean skincare is suddenly back (wasn’t this a thing a couple of years ago?), for those of you who might be wanting to read more about it, here’s a Korean beauty blog for you (doesn’t get better than that). It’s a bit out there in some places (reference: donkey milk) but enjoy. Here’s another interesting piece on someone who tried the Korean skincare routine for a week and her results.

2. I’ve been wanting a swing chair at my place for the longest time. I even got one a couple of years ago but our apartment’s structure couldn’t handle a hanging swing (and I didn’t want one with the ginormous base stand). It’s my life’s mission now to have one of these at some point in my life.

3. In case you wanted to see what Kim K eats everyday, People has a few meal plans for you.

4. Tips on getting your financial life together.  

5. 10 insights on remarkable parents from a therapist.

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  1. Beautyy post. Loved the routine n parenting article

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