Stealing From The Boys: 2 Looks

Stealing From The Boys: 2 Looks

Sidra, the style and beauty intern, is back on the blog today with a post about stealing from the boys in your life. I used to borrow shirts here and there from N until he decided to move into the large category – currently working on him to slip down a size so we can go back to sharing clothing (such challenges in life). If you don’t have the same issue, please enjoy this post. 
Boys and girls, as a lazy person going through life, with things pulling me in too many directions, the last thing I want to think is what to wear every single day. For such moments of pure indecisiveness you too, can do what I do: Conveniently raid your daddy’s/bro’s/husband’s closet.
I am infamous in my household for hogging my fathers’ footwear [‘rough-chappal’, kolhapuris and khussas] and my brother’s clothes [he’s my size, kinda]. And I am happy to inform you all that my husband was not able to escape this situation [what’s mine is yours, he said]. I feel like their stuff is just so much more comfortable and functional with their easy breezy cuts and pockets.

Look 1: Casual, Desi Androgyny

How ToThe key to pulling off this look is balance, as it is with all things in life: Oversized top with fitted bottom. So ideally, skinny jeans or tights are the perfect butter to this toast. It can be personalized and feminized with accessories: I am wearing it with arm candy, rings, earthy peshawari chappals and a very no-fuss-loose bun. 

Kurta: GulAhmed Man / Jeans: Forever21 / Chappal: Red Shoes / Accessories: Randomly collected over years of impulsive buying

That’s it. Moving to the next one.

Look 2: Glammed Up

How To
This look can be dressed-up with flashier accessories, fancier hair and tad more makeup. I have found that nude colored things are my best friends as they coordinate with literally every color under the sun. So if you are hogging a kurta you can throw on a pair of nude heels, pair it with sand colored tights to pull off a much dresser look. 

New Additions: Watch and Ring: Aldo / Shoes: Zara / Tights: Nishat Linen / Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational in Vibrant Mandarin (totes obsessed) 

Either way you are good to fly out the house and make a lasting visual impression on random people who stare at you as you walk by looking fantabulous.
Sidra Raja-Shah is an authority on almost anything you can think of. Her superpowers include an ultra-super-keen- sense of observation and eating a big bag of Doritos all on her own. You can catch her rambling @therajalife on Instagram or on her blog at To read more about Sidra, check out the meet the interns post.


  1. I really enjoyed this post 🙂

  2. Sidra you were at shehzeens place?? Can you tell me a little bit about her? How shes in real???

    1. She gave me chai and pizza.. I mean do i need to say anything else? Shes real, youknowhatimean? I had the best time doing this shoot with her ������������

  3. Very cool! I used to wear my husband's khaadi kurta when i was pregnant. I also shop for shirts from men section sometimes pretending I'm getting it for a friend:p Boy clothes are definitely more comfy and functional.

  4. Could you possibly do a post for the short girls like myself? Dressing up is a real challenge. I want to wear a lot of things but I m often challenged by my height . I m only 5 feet tall or short may be :p

  5. Loved the post! Didn't know the look could be glammed as well ?

  6. All of sudden I feel I should have married someone my size 😛 … haha my husband has the same yellow kurta and I love the colour. BUT, I will drown in it as we have a big height difference 🙁 but may be I should just buy myself a men's kurta! looks really nice!

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