Some thoughts about the photoshoot giveaway

Some thoughts about the photoshoot giveaway

Shot by Locura – one of the partner photographers for the photoshoot giveaway

A few weeks ago I talked about changing things up on the blog a little bit. I’ve been trying to do more purposeful content (the wedding series if you haven’t seen) and also working on creating opportunities for some lesser privileged people. I’m sure most of you have seen the photoshoot giveaway I posted about on Eid on my social media. I worked on pulling this together across as many cities as I could find great talent in, because I feel memorable, beautiful pictures with someone you love are an amazing thing to have.

I was fortunate that all four photographers I partnered with were not just interested in giving away their services for the blog but also open to the idea of doing a mini shoot for someone who may not able to afford something like this on their own. This giveaway is very close to my heart because I hope we can bring a smile to someone’s face and create a memory for them that they would never imagine putting their finances away for.
If you haven’t entered it, you can do it on my Facebook (here) or Instagram (here) and have a chance to not just win a photoshoot for yourself but also gift it to someone you know and love who’s less privileged but equally deserving.

I won’t post about every giveaway on the blog like this. But because this is the first one in my attempt to do more, I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

I’m working on doing more stuff like this. I’ll be slow. I’ll learn from the process and maybe do better each time. I’m trying.
This is not the only direction I hope to take the blog in. I’m going to try helping out others in different aspects. I’m working on it. I’d love to know any leads you may have. Thank you for supporting the blog always.

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  1. Beautiful thot and effort indeed. Pls count on all of us to be there for u in all cuases you support

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