Kick-Butt Buy Of The Week: Desi Wedding Planner by The Wedding Planit

Kick-Butt Buy Of The Week: Desi Wedding Planner by The Wedding Planit

I found this desi wedding planner by The Wedding Planit very randomly a few days ago and flipped because it’s SO FABOOLUSS. Other than the fact that it looks like the most fun thing to fill out, it actually feels pretty practical too. It’s got different tabs for things like clothes, budgeting, inspiration, jotting down memories and basically to sort all your wedding planning out. It feels like such an incredible gift for someone whose getting married. You’ve GOT to get your hand on this.

You can buy the wedding planner for PKR 2000 here on Artsy or here on Delivery Walay.
They also have a new wedding planner, called The Wedding Planner 2.0 available for purchase here on their website for PKE 2500. My research skills have told me that it’s on a 20% discount until October 5th, so you might want to pay urgent attention to that.
Here are a few links to help you understand this planner better: Tiny peek inside the planner from Delivery Walay and some quick shots on Artsy. You can also see the second wedding planner they have in this super cute video here
The Wedding Planit guys have really creative wedding stuff on their website. Check it all out here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
They deliver internationally, with additional courier charges of course. Just message them and ask.


  1. 20% discount ? Wohoo

  2. This is a beauty..if i was gettin married now i wud have been a definite customer

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