It’s a 5 day long weekend here so you cannot imagine how fantastic life seems at this point. I wasn’t too much in the spirit this time but we stepped down at night for a bit and our building lobby was done up with Eid decorations and now I feel a little excited. I’ve got lots of chores/plans for the entire Eid break, can’t wait to get started. Hope you have a great time if you’re celebrating/have days off. In other news, I’ve finally managed to put a tiny bottle of oil on my coffee table which I’d been planning since ages. Hair oiling is a mutual passion in our household and both N and I love getting it done from each other. But because the bottle is ugly (lulz) and it’s hidden in a cupboard mostly, we forget to indulge on weekends. Now I’ve put this in a sweet glass bottle on the coffee table and I hope we can start fulfilling our hair oiling goals with this initiative (particularly for N whose hairfall I’d like to control if I can).
Since our car is technically owned by N, I always call it his car (he hates that). So when I picked up these car fragrances from Rituals, I decided they were a gift for him (that obviously I would also enjoy). They smelled SO good in the store, I’m excited to plug them into the car this weekend and see how well they do. I’ll update here if I love them. The store chick told me you can also put them in your AC vents at home, I thought that was genius.
I got vitamins this week for both N and myself and quite happy to be getting back ‘on track’ with things (we cooked at home and ate clean for 6 days of the week, big milestone). One is a multivitamin, Megaton (which the pharmacist recommended and I have no clue about them) and the other is a hair vitamin, Priorin (which I’ve tried before and I think they were great so I’m doing another round, this time with N as well, whose hairfall I’ve already discussed). We have them with breakfast. (I don’t intend to use them forever because I’ve heard vitamins should be done for a bit then a break then repeat so I’ll finish these bottles and stop for a bit, tell me if you know anything about this).
This is the entryway corridor at our apartment and I think it’s probably the first time I’m showing it to you guys on the blog? I’ve slowly started working on it and trying to make it look less like an obstacle course (scattered shoes, laundry bags, water bottles, all very sexy) and more an actual part of the rest of our place. It has no natural lighting so it’s always this dark, I’m not even sure if I’ll ever be able to show you guys a proper before-after (if I decide to do it cos I have no idea when that will happen) because it’s so low lit and I don’t particularly like photos that aren’t in natural light. Let’s see. Send me any ideas you have on doing up this tiny space? (there are hidden nooks at the end of the corridor on both sides).

I’m a rain lover and I’ve been craving the rain SO bad the past few weeks, I’m actually ready to go on a vacation where I can just sit inside and hear the rain with frequent trips outside to shower in the rain (in culturally appropriate attire, of course). I couldn’t take it anymore yesterday so I put on YouTube with some rain sounds and it was so nice. It’s a 10 hour loop so you can even sleep with it (I snapped it and so many of you also recommended this rainymood site, if anyone’s interested). It’s so perfect if you’re hanging out in your living room, with low lights and this playing in the background – UFF. Expect me to repeat this tonight and for several more days, thanks.
The blog will be off for the Eid break until Tuesday. See you Wednesday (although I’ll have a very exciting giveaway up on Monday – you’re going to love it – so look out for that).
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Happy holidays… Eid mubarak! 🙂 plz tell me how it was wen u did Priorin last time… cz I've heard tht the medicine isn't smart enuff to judge if hair is required ONLY on the scalp!!!

    1. Author

      Hey, I tried it last year for about a month I think (I've linked the post above where I talked about it) and I don't think I noticed any excessive hair growth anywhere else. I'll do one bottle this year too and then go back to it next year. Perhaps using it too much has that side effect, but with the limited usage I did, I didn't face anything negative 🙂

  2. Eid Mubarak to you and N… Loved today`s post..
    Checkout this link u will love it.. they give u the sounds effect of rain, seashore etc and even you play multiple combination and its so relaxing… 🙂

  3. Eid mubarik in advance! I have great hair loss so I'll be trying that multi vit too.

    I'm not great on room decor but try to get a mirror in there somewhere. That'll reflect light in the entry way. Best of luck 🙂

    – Maheen A

    1. Author

      Hope it works for you. And a mirror is such a good idea, and I think I have a spare one in my store room. Thanks 😀

  4. Loved the post – especially love the rainy sounds piece its so out of the box. And cant wait for you to do the entrance

    1. Author

      Thank you, hope you have a good time too (if someone's feeding you eid food hehe)

  5. I guess for the entry way choose a color scheme that goes with the rug… or you can also change the rug if you want and get a long rug. One long rug instead of the two you currently have and have a wallpaper of that color too if you have the budget.. if not get a cool poster and frame it and hang that, add a mirror, remove the small plants, the big ones look good. You can also add a small shoe rack for shoes.

    1. Author

      Yes totally want all the small plants to go! Want a bigger rug but can't find one yet:( Thanks for the ideas!

  6. You are very clever.. u have taken all the pics with a good camera and the entryway with your phone i guess and did not even edit it.. like make it bright or change the contrast setting so that if you post renovated one then it will look good.

    1. Author

      All are with the same camera and after increasing the brightness this is what it looks like – it's even darker than this in real because no natural light.

    2. What a petty, petty way of thinking. I've seen her entryway on Snapchat and it IS very dark. Her home is amazing and it's not because of photo editing. Jealous.

  7. Adding a mirror in the corridor would be a good idea always always. Btw u looked great on Eid!❤

  8. Install shelves with built-in spot lights in the hidden nooks maybe to fill in for the light. And definitely get rid of the shoe rack. A mirror somewhere…must!

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