It feels too good to be true but this one’s another long weekend (happy Islamic new year to the relevant peepulz!). I’ve got lots planned, will probably accomplish 20%, so basically there’s high success in the future for me. N and I have started work on our guest room and our deliveries from IKEA came in yesterday – we got a new desk because he wants his own workspace too (cheater) and a new sofa-bed. We’ll be assembling them today/trash-talking each other on whose doing it better. Also, we managed to eat pretty clean this week as well and will be celebrating this change of pace with mandi and a movie // Pictured new Colorpop lipstick I got in Lychee. It’s very drying but the color is gorgeous, so I apply it, then put lip butter/lip balm and it becomes perfect.
Finished A Time To Kill by John Grishman earlier this week. N was pushing me to read it (in fact zabardasti went and bought it) but it didn’t blow my mind initially – it was good but slow. However, halfway through, the book started getting interesting and the ending was kickass. I won’t say it’s a must-read-postpone-all-your-plans kind of good but if you’re an avid reader and looking to get your hands on something new, this is a good one. You definitely do feel like finishing it (my test question to myself if I’m dragging my soul through a book) and the ending is, like I said, really great.
I don’t really write about exhibits and stuff but I love Jooti Shooti and it’s such a fab opportunity to get your hands on their shoes right here in Dubai so I don’t want you to miss it. They’re exhibiting at Boulevard One on Saturday, October 1. Check out all details here (I don’t know who else is showing there).
Basket love at Home Centre. I love baskets, I hope everyone knows that (just for general knowledge). Found these on a trip to the store earlier this week.
IKEA deliveries ready for us to assemble. The delivery guy (sweetly) said you should’ve paid for the assembly because the sofa-bed is a pain to put together and I was just like what do I do now, bro. Hashtag shits.
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. i knooo them colorpop feels. I have more better and it is so drying and unforgiving. I am reading The Girl on The Train and tho it was a quick read i am taking an age to get through it mainly because laziness, but I should be done before the movie is out. Jooti Shooti is so on my list as soon as I am not broke LOOOL

    1. Author

      I cannot wait to watch that movie because I have a feeling it's going to be better than the book :O

  2. Haye lychee is such a vibrant pink. Love it. I bought highball instead of this mainly because I didn't have the guts to wear such a bright pink. Hehehe. Waiting to see you wear it 🙂

    Best of luck for the sofa bed assembly

    – Maheen A

  3. Tip for assembling the sofa bed: tons of food to take your mind off the arguments .Also, YouTube tutorials.

  4. You should check out the movie as well. Matthew McConaughey (had to google the spelling, what a pain).
    Is that a wooden spoon? I like.

    Also. Do a coffee post someday? About how to make the best homemade coffee without an espresso machine and such.

    1. Author

      I'm totally planning on watching that movie now after everyone's said it was great! And yup that's a wooden spoon. Unfortunately, I use instant sachets for coffee :O Nescafe Vanilla for the win (I love it).

  5. Can't wait to see your review on the IKEA sofa bed. We were thinking of buying one but kind of postponed it.

    1. Author

      It's pretty decent. I'm quite sure it's not durable to be pulled open everyday but for guests it should be perfect.

  6. Hi @desiwonderwomen can you tell me from where did you got this colorpop lip swatch in uae? Thankx

    1. Author

      I ordered from but someone told me Colorpop ships worldwide so you can check and see if they deliver to the UAE 🙂

  7. The lip butter idea was ingenious. Superb. And best of luck with ure ikea goodies assembling – fyi i dont like this work

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