I had a super exhausting yet satisfying week because I decided to go into an organizing frenzy everyday after work and decluttered my place like a nut. It feels SO good. I sorted through my clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, linen, laundry room, storage, office desk, dishware – took out everything in excess and donated what was in good condition so hopefully someone else could make better use of it than I did. I’m going to rest well this weekend because IDESERVEITTHANKS. Wearing Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Dollhouse Pink 967. 
Newly organized jewelry drawer. If your place is a mess, don’t worry. Everyone goes into major cleanup mode once in a while and then everything sorts itself out. Your time will come too.
This has got to be best coloring book there ever was. I ordered it for a project (which I’ll share if it works out) but if you’re into adult coloring, get your hands on it. Just search for ‘The Passive Aggressive Coloring Book’, you’ll find lots of links for it online. I got mine from Desert Cart.
One of my all-time favorites (with fake posing on laptop). N calls it the superman shade. It’s Bourjois So Laque in Bleu Fabuleux 60. I bought this two years ago at a duty-free and it’s still got the most perfect consistency.
My niece was dying to get her hands on this poetry book – Whiskey, Words And A Shovel by R. H. Sin so I ordered it for her a few days ago. Just got it in the mail and I skimmed through to see what the big deal was about and this is where it opened and I totally loved it (the rest of the book is a tad too young for me but I can totally see her enjoying it). I ordered it from Desert Cart.
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. that coloring book is epic!

  2. Fridays posts give me life

  3. ooh love the blue nail polish (have a sally hansen one just like it) and I am OBSESSED with the Megalast lipsticks. Have like 9 of them (sorry not sorry) and they re so good on pigmentation, lasting power and the colors.

    Also that bikini bod page is SO cool. Real women have curves dammit <3

    1. Author

      I just tried out the Megalast and I was so surprised by how good they are. And so inexpensive :O

  4. must.color.

  5. I want a coloring book like this badly …. MBS

  6. From where I can get these books in khi

    1. Author

      I'm not sure. But coloring pages are available at this page called Phuljhari!

  7. So u are affiloated with desert cart now?

    1. Author

      Nope. Just a regular customer. (I would mention if they were sponsoring this)

  8. You can get adult colouring books in karachi from liberty book store too! 😀

  9. The hair look super and so does the nailcolor. Dying on the jewellery organization

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