Unique Gifts Under PKR 2000 / AED 60

Unique Gifts Under PKR 2000 / AED 60

Note: The name of the Glam Nails giveaway winner is right at the end of the post.

Today’s post is coming from Atiya & Amna, who are the Lifestyle Intern duo on the blog. Both of them are weird and cool which makes their gift recos so much more awesome. Their ideas are for Pakistan and I’ve added a tiny input next to each for UAE and general worldwide shopping. Say hi to Amna and Atiya’s first post!

I am a huge fan of gift giving. It is an exchange that says: “Here’s something that made me think of you and I think you should have it.” Amna and I brainstormed many ideas for this gift guide and we thought we’d highlight some unique Pakistani businesses whose products you can also turn into very thoughtful gift ideas. And all these are under PKR 2000 so they are budget friendly but no less on heart and love. So let’s do this, yes?
Coloring Page Frame
Adult coloring books are all the rage these days and trust me I was not ready to climb on the bandwagon. That is until Amna suggested that they can make amazing wall décor. What is nicer than spending an afternoon coloring an intricate pattern for a friend and then framing it? And all of it under PKR 200. The coloring pages can be bought from Phuljhari, a small business creating “stress-relieving coloring patterns for adults with a Pakistani twist.” According to Amna, coloring the page was one of the most calming hours she has spent and then she just popped it in a frame bought from Sunday Bazaar for PKR 100. This would also make a very nice gift for Pakistanis settled abroad and something which is not the usual truck art.
Pakistan: Phuljhari Facebook Page / PKR 200
UAE: Souq / AED 30 (You can also buy in person at bookstores like Borders or Magrudys and slip into an inexpensive IKEA frame)
Worldwide: Etsy / USD 2 OR this pop art version at ASOS / USD 12
Shehzeen is obsessed with candles so we thought this item would be right up her alley. The Karachi Candle Company is a small business started by two young women in Karachi. They make soy-based, clean burning candles that smell divine! I bought this cucumber and melon scented candle for PKR 1300 and guys, it smells just like the freshness of cucumber and melon which is perfect for summer (or really anytime of the year for that matter). The Motia and Lavender scents are also the bomb so if you are in the market for a candle and support a home-grown business, The KCC is the way to go.
UAE: Any Bath & Body Works store in the UAE / AED 60 onwards
Worldwide: ASOS / USD 25
Gifts in a Jar
This idea can go many ways given your time and budget. You can make a bunch of themed jars for a bunch of friends or make one special jar full of goodies for that one friend. Amna got these mason jars from Sunday Bazaar for PKR 150 each but you can always use a regular jam jar that has been soaked in warm water and cleaned. We made two versions: ‘Cookies in a Jar’ for that friend who loves to bake (or just starting to get into it). We followed this tutorial because it is hella easy for even the most novice cook. The ‘I Woke Up Like This’ jar is filled with makeup goodies for that beauty-obsessed friend. You can play on these themes, like brownies in a jar or theme the beauty around one thing like smoky eye kit or a pedicure kit. Switch it up and make the gift man-friendly with gadgets that can fit in a jar or something Marvel or DC themed if he is into that kind of thing. Make it pretty with twine, ribbon, labels whatever you have on hand and you will have a stellar gift on your hands.
Pakistan: Sunday Bazaar or Daraz / PKR 790 for 2
Worldwide: Etsy / USD 10

Organic Skin Care
Artsy.pk is like the Etsy of Pakistan and a site that you should definitely check out for homemade scrubs, lotions and potions. We were sent a box of goodies months ago from them and Amna patiently tested them out to say that yes, organic skin care FTW. And also perfect for unique gift giving. Check them out and you can make your own boxes of prettied up scrubs and shampoos that will delight any receiver.
Pakistan: Artsy / PKR 200 onwards
UAE: Izil / AED 60 onwards
Worldwide: Nordstrom / USD 26
Other than these options, you can do a bunch of stuff that’s a tad unusual but would make fantastic gifts – a tiny houseplant (cacti are low-maintenance and can survive any plant-killer), jars of raw honey, DIY toner you made yourself, the list is endless.
We hope you enjoyed this list of unique gift ideas. Let us know what you think. And as always, support local!

Atiya and Amna are all about the good life. From books, sci-fi to pop culture and fashion, you can find them always talking and joking over a cup of tea. Find them on Instagram at @atiya107 and @amnaabbas and their blog at @blogthegoodlife. To read more about these girls, check out the meet the interns post.

The winner of the Glam Nails giveaway is Madiha Shariq. Congratulations Madiha! Please email me at thedesiwonderwoman@gmail.com or Facebook inbox here so I can give you details on how to get your prize.


  1. Love the coloring pattern idea a LOT. Hi girls 🙂

  2. Do like the ideas. Picture styling not so much. Not as great as your usual blog style. Just my opinion. But overall good effort, will be using a couple of them for future gifts!

  3. I just did the gift in a jar idea with a friend with beauty products. its great 🙂

  4. Hi attiya and amna. Love love gift in a jar n organic products idea.

  5. Karachi Candle Company is my latest obsession ! the Motia Noir is divine and I just gifted it to my mom 🙂

  6. Hey you super girls!
    How about doing a Part II of this post?.I am sure you filtered through tons of ideas to select these three.
    Btw, I absolutely love that you added UAE & international places. Totally love the post -MBS

  7. P.S I have been on a look for adult coloring books for quite Some tine

  8. P.S I have been on a look for adult coloring books for quite Some tine

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