Rude Things People Ask And Say

Rude Things People Ask And Say

You know those stupid things people feel compelled to ask or say? Particularly from those humans who you’re not close to at all and yet they feel the sudden urge to infiltrate all aspects of your life, like a special ops military mission designed to attack and destroy its designated target (you)?

We’re going to talk about them.

So based on my own personal experience and those of my close, wounded, friends, I’ve prepared a special list of 8 things you should just not ask or talk about, with people who you really, truly don’t give a crap about and are only in conversation with for something more commonly known as small talk. Even if you feel your unvoiced opinions/unprojected questions will give birth to a toxic tumor in your brain and consume your life, don’t go there.

I realise some of these questions are often asked unconsciously without evil intent. If that’s the case, here’s your chance to save yourself. Let’s begin.

1. You look so tired.

It’s probably because that person is looking like shit. Everyone looks like shit from time to time. The eyebags won’t come to haunt you in your dreams if you don’t give them a shoutout. The person could be actually tired, which is fine, or they could just be short on their cosmetic supplies. Just don’t say it.  ( I usually do a flip and if I know someone’s been feeling tired or exhausted (like a new mom), I’ll specifically say, ‘Wow, you look good despite having such a heavy load’.) Try something nice.

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2. Are you pregnant? When are you due?

No. Just no. Even if its a glaring, 5000 ton mass right there between you and your friend, that to you could only possibly be another human, don’t go there. Sometimes people can just be/get fat in unexpected ways and they definitely don’t want to hear that they look like someone who should be getting prepped for delivery. I’m yet to find a woman who’ll throw a victory party on being asked if she’s pregnant when probably all that she’s been doing is upsizing her meals.

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3. Oh my god, you’re already sending your kid to daycare? / What? You’re going to be a stay-at-home mom now? / Other crappy questions about moms and their decisions about their kids.

First, any such decision is always a joint product of both the parents. So if you’re dying to ask (which should never be the case), either ask both of them, or ask just the dad for a change (because that shit never happens). Second, it’s not your place to experience traumatic stress over any decision a parent makes about their child. You can ask for the sake of conversation, to exchange notes and stuff. But if any part of you is going to be hyperventilating while doing this, just forget about it. Talk about aaloo gosht or something.

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4. Why did you guys get divorced?

Unless you want to marry that person’s ex, this question is absolute piss.

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5. When are you getting married/re-married? When are you having kids?

Ignore that fever in your soul that’s driving you to lunacy and subjecting unsuspecting people to these terrible questions that can only give birth to an ulcer at best and nothing more. I’ve realised a lot of people ask these questions because sometimes they have nothing to talk about. Let me help you: “So what are you planning these days?”, “Anything special happening?”, “What do you like to do over the weekend?”, “Seen any movies lately?”, “Been to any new restaurants?”  – If you really think about it, there are a bunch of questions you can ask without having to go to things like shadi talk and human fertilization.

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6. Have you gained weight?

If you’re feeling it, it’s probably true. Does it have to be confirmed? No. No matter what your reason is, just don’t ask that question. Telling someone they’ve gained weight is never going to make them feel good. It’s rude and unnecessary and in 99.9% of the cases, people generally always know when they’ve piled on the pounds. Skip it and take a sedative at night to relax yourself if it continues to bother you.

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7. You don’t look so good?….saying to someone on their freaking wedding day.

Wow. Never bash a bride. I’ve been told by someone that I didn’t look good at my wedding. I’ve had friends tell me they’ve been told the same on their shadis. Even if to you, the bride looks like a freaking chimpanzee in a gharara, tell her she looks great. What you like, she may not like and vice versa. Don’t freaking tell her that her makeup’s too light or dark, or her clothes aren’t so great, or any other crap that you feel urgently needs to be communicated. Try not saying it and you’ll realize that all your critical life organs are still functioning.

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8. Oh hey, you have a pimple on your face.

We have people finding the cure to cancer and then we have people talking about zits. It could be interesting if the inflammation was on someone’s ass and they couldn’t really see it, and then perhaps you’re doing someone a favor by sharing this information. But if it’s right there on their face, it’s kinda hard to miss. Let it die it’s natural death, there’s no need to do its introductions in that person’s social circle.

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Feel free to add more to this, because this is public service, really.

Until next time.

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  1. "You were looking so nice the last time I saw you. What happened to you?" (Fake concern face)
    Basically trying to imply that the person has put on weight or their clothes don't look nice

    Funny post. Loved it 🙂

    – Maheen A

  2. guests living at ur place and commenting about ur cooking ..not only that they make sure they dont like what u have cooked for them…

  3. So damn true ! I swear i have been experiencing the same thing over and over, i dont understand why people come to me and say "oh,you still got pimples" ? "When are you getting married"? And specially the most annoying one " rishta nhe aya ab tk koi kia" … i am so tired of this shit and it actually hurts me alot !!

  4. Hahaha omg this post is beyond awesome!!! You may add, "Aap koi naukri kyun nahi karte hain?" When the person might be doing just fine, supporting themselves financially in some way or the other.

  5. When are you going to have a second one. You little one needs a sister or a brother to play with.
    *Fuck off*

  6. guests staying at your place and commenting negatively constantly about your cooking and mind you …you are pregnant as well and they make sure they tell you how badly they dislike what u have cooked for them…

  7. Are you fasting? why dont you want to have kids? yes, but you never want them, ever?! I am shocked how many of these revolve around shaming women for how they look and just because they have the plumbing, they have to have children. Would we ask a man if he wants kids? would we say to him you look so tired, thora kajal laha lo? No.

    Sorry way to much rage from a lot of societal pressure.

    1. Lol @ kajal laga lo. Happens to me all the timeee.

  8. "why don't you have a job?"
    "masters hi ker lo" (not really a question but muft ke mashware are a plague in our society too)
    "khana koun pakata hai ghar mein?" (since my mom died years ago and i'm the only girl in the house)


    1. Dude. Masters hi kar lo, been told so many times!!! And in my case, tumhe khaana pakana aata hai? -_____-

  9. I love you. This blogpost, man. Needed. Also talk about aloo gosht might be my favourite line of life, totally stealing.

  10. "How much do you earn?"

    …. And people who go on and on with totkay on how to lose weight, dandruff or pimples.

    1. Asking about someone's salary is SUCH a national past time its unbelievable! If you try to dodge the question and say something evasive they don't back down, pestering you till either you give in or tell them you don't want to tell their nosy self. To which its usually a total shocked reaction, unable to comprehend what was inappropriate about their nagging.

  11. My pet peeve is: Haww your kid is still taking a bottle/not potty trained?! Mine were drinking milk from a cup and were potty trained at 2 months! ?

  12. When you are having kids?
    Why dont you have kids?
    May you be blessed with kids

    What rubbish. Its either a choice or a medical problem. Why hurt ppl by asking again and again.

    And when gain some weight…"oh good news hay"

    My God!!! If murdering ppl was an option…

  13. I must admit I recently asked the N° 2… Gee, It was soooooooooooooooo OBVIOUS !Well, obvious to me apparently. When I was calmly told "Well, I am not pregnant" I urgently wanted to disappear and I promised myself never spontaneously bring this kind of subject up to anyone.

  14. Love this post 😀 100% true, another question people always ask me is " when are you going to start your practice ? " (due to the medical proffession) , well the answer is "maybe tomorrow, maybe never, why do u even careeeee, did you pay for my education !!"

  15. Haha i can so relate man!to most of these especially the shadi one. I remember on my wedding this auntie (you know those rishtedars that you just recognize by face) she came up to me on the stage and said "achi lag rae ho lekin thora aur weight lose karleti, haina?" It was horrible man i cant eve describe it. I was so shocked at her question that all i could do was just nod and smile while trying not to cry !!

  16. My BIGGEST pet peeve is the comment: "you look different from your pictures/you look better in real life". How do you answer THAT?!?! It's such a double edged comment, you SIMPLY can't come up with an appropriate reply to this and you end up standing there with your jaw hanging.

  17. That is so true… esp about kids and weight …just shutup! Not only do they ask questions they expect full explanations!

  18. oh my GOD, this post is absolute gold. all that irritation masked with sarcasm and humour, i love it. and even the comments underneath the post!! "muft ke mashware" – SO true, logo ko CHAIN HI NAHI AATA. some desi aunties only get a kick out of saying passive-aggressive or just plain insensitive comments. Heaven forbid you say some thing back to them and a torrent of insults about our tarbiyat will gush forth.

    1. Yes exactly you answer back and see!! The only remedy I have for such people is I make a very serious straight face to make them feel embarrassed on what they just dud ?

  19. There's one opposite o gaining weight "Why are you getting so weak? Are you not taking your meals properly, try this and that and what not." hellooo? Who stops eating? Let's just not comment on things that are not in our control or even if they are in control then who are you? Get a life, pliss

  20. Rang bht km ho gaya hai,fresh nahi lg rahi,moti ho rai ho
    (O man why do I even exist ��)
    And the latest one is so unbelievable 'bs bacchi ko zyada kya parrhana hai,tum bhi to itna parrh k ghar hi bethi hui ho'
    (Did I really hear that???and tell me I didnt slap you) *grits teeth*

  21. Two thumbs up on this post.. unfortunately such things will simply whiz by over those who actually need to get these… :/ i can add a couple more…like commenting to people ke un ke bachay kitnay kamzor lag rahay hen from last time…uff really irritates me… u wont belive once i had my son in my arms and a lady was gushing over how cute he is n then she goes like…tum pe hi gaya hoga tumhara husband tu aisa nahi hoga na? I was like what the…….?!#/
    Are u implying i married a langoor…jeez….some people are really tactless…

  22. Hahahahaha best best. Omg honestly, at some point in life we have been asked all of these. Aloo gosht was just the best hahahahahah

  23. Loved loved the post. Also don't tell people the shit other ppl say about them. Doesn't really do much. Also don't talk shit about ppl…Makes you look shitty

  24. Loved loved loved this column. So good to see you respond with proper negativity to this. My personal least favorite has to be telling ppl shitty stuff someone else said about them…also saying shitty stuff about people in general

  25. Ufff this reminded me of soooo many awful comments and things ppl say.. The recent one..

    Aap ka complexion itna dark hai. Aap pakka indian hongi. *the lady herself was indian and quite gori*
    And am like.. Aap complexion sai andaza lugati hein k kaun kaha sai hai.. Thank you for not considering me from Africa. Whatsoever.. I am from Pakistan. And if you really wana c what kind of people live there.. Visit for once and decide. Bye till thn.


  26. Hahahahahahahaaha
    This is awesome. And so true ????

  27. For me the most annoying are

    1. From those silent observers on Facebook. "Oh you are very active on facebook, right?" I dont know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. But when I delete them thinking my hyper active life disturbs them, they add me back immediately. All now go in the restricted list.

    2. "Why are you so simple?" "wear some bling and glitter" "Get professional make up". I dont go to such gatherings any more.

  28. When you're pregnant and haven't started to look like a cow yet- "baby bhi phir weak hoga". This was the nastiest! :@

  29. When you're not a tea drinker, and make tea for people and hear them say there's something special about it. You're surprised and modestly say, heh, I did nothing special, and in return hear no there's something wrong with it, in front of so many other people you've also served the tea too, and who've managed to be grateful for it. Buddy, if you don't like what you're served, feel free to make a redo of it for yourself. Don't humiliate.

  30. Oh the commenting on added weight when you've put in particular effort to get to dawats just tops the list of why you just want your curl up in bed and watch movies on a weekend night instead. *sigh*

  31. Recentttt invasive comments I've heard countless times since I gave birth:
    Nahi jee, ye tou olpers peeta hae. ?

  32. Yeah Damn .. And then there are those really nice people around me who keeps me telling your face is so weak.. You look so weak. Ooh you got married n u lost weight .???? The ***k!! I mean did I ever say that ..oo look at your love handles that are trying hard to breathe under your shirt. If I respect your bulging belling.. You better learn some respect too.. Bus.. Log bhi na.. Anyways.. Nice post shehzeen!!

  33. 1. Moti ho rahi ho. Chawal khana chor do.
    2. Moti ho gai to bachay kaisay paida karo gi complications ho Jain gi.
    3. Itni moti ho gai ho konsi chakki ka aata kha rahi ho?
    (And all that when you're especially watching weight, walking 4km a day briskly, doing aerobics and yoga, counting calories…….. then you feel like shit and say fuck it I might as well binge on some biryani why starve myself to death there's actually no point. I have stopped meeting friends and relatives altogether).

    4. When you are a non chai drinker and hate drinking and making tea and people say achi Nahin bani chai.

    5. When people comment on your way and style and especially speed of doing household chores and comment in front of your mother in law and 50 people gathered in your home attending a dawat
    that you've worked your ass off on, Itna slow Kaam karti hain phurti he Nahin haan Bhaee professional larkiyan kahan ghardaari kar sakti hain. Phohar hain Kaam karna sikhaya Nahin maan baap ne.

    6. My in laws asking my husband tumhari biwi Jo kamaati hai tumhain kitna deti hai us mein se aur ghar ke kharch mein kyon Nahin contribute karti. Wtf

    And my biggest pet peeve from Dadi mother in law, Meray par (wings) Kab lagao gi? (Translation: since she's husbands Dadi, she'll be my future children's par-Dadi hence the reference to the par)

  34. Number 7!
    I know my makeup was not perfect… but all i can do at that hour to stay quiet and bear the thing with utter sabar and shukar! There’s no time to throw any tantrums when you have a major life thing to happen in a couple of hours..
    But helloooo.. i know that! No need to pin point every single thing again and again and being such a “help” for making me feel it more and more.. and end up remembering that every f***ing time i’m seeing pictures from that day!
    thora sa reham pliss!

    1. Author

      LOL. Exactly and it’s primarily about the person enjoying that day than what they look like. Plus someone might actually like how they’re dressed, so they probably don’t want to hear that they look bad 😛

  35. Hahaha love this post ! 👍🏼👍🏼😂😂
    Each and everything is so damn true . .

  36. “Bus eek ghanta gym mien roz laga liya Karo” – I’m a fucking board certified physician , tell me again how to lose weight aunty?

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