Online Listening & Therapy – Let’s Talk

Online Listening & Therapy – Let’s Talk

Therapy or even just talking to someone is such a taboo with our part of the world. We’d rather suffer in silence and let something go from bad to worse than address the issue and get help for it.
Our standard fix-it approach to anyone dealing with an ‘issue’ (and I’m putting the quotes here because I don’t see these as issues, they’re just different experiences and a state of mind) is to say things like, ‘you’ll get over it’ or ‘snap out of it’ or ‘it’s not such a big deal’ or ‘don’t be a wuss’.
Even worse, because of this mentality that we’ve been conditioned to grow up with, most of us don’t even register something that needs addressing as important. We tell ourselves that we’ve got to deal with it.
It’s terrible considering we will seek help for any concern that manifests itself physically (simple things like the flu to more critical things like a tumor). But we refuse to work on our mental health.
Things that absolutely require attention but are considered unimportant by so many of us: Loneliness, grief, motivation, weight management, trauma, panic attacks, distress associated with chronic pain, anxiety, work stress, family stress, depression, bullying, disabilities, domestic violence, college life, breakups, mood disorders. And a TON more. 
Ever since I got onto Snapchat, I’ve had SO many people (including some guys too, so it’s gender-neutral) reach out to me about some kind of ‘problem’ they are having (Snapchat is definitely more personal and so I think it makes it easier for people to talk to you). I’ve realized that a lot of people are struggling with something or the other and trying to find a way to resolve it.
I’m not an expert, of course, so it’s not possible for me to ‘help’ someone out in the right way. But I happened to find this website a few days ago and I was thrilled. It’s called 7cups and I quickly tested it out as much as I could to see if it would deliver and I felt pretty good about it (I know I probably ‘wasted’ a resource while trying to ‘test’ it but I can’t possibly just refer something to you guys without understanding it a bit deeply, SO).
It’s an online emotional health and well-being service. They anonymously connect you with trained listeners or therapists in a 1-on-1 chat format to talk about ANYTHING you’d like to discuss. If you’re having a challenging time or just looking for someone to talk to, you can find someone kind to help you out.

They primarily have two things to offer: Listening and Licensed Therapy. I’ll talk about each of these just a bit.

7cups has a team of trained listeners who will chat with you anonymously about anything that’s on your mind – whether it’s something complex like loneliness or something just as simple as needing a hug. Talking to a stranger can actually help you vent – someone who’s not trying to solve your problems, someone with no judgments, no opinionated responses – just simple listening. And since it’s anonymous and the listeners are trained, I think it’s a pretty safe environment to be a part of.
I love how while waiting to find a listener, the system says “connecting you with a kind human being” (see bottom of image)
You can choose to change listeners if you’re not clicking with one until you find someone who you feel a connect with. Listeners come from 189 countries with different backgrounds and can communicate in 140 languages. This is entirely free and you can chat as much and as long as you want.
My experience: I had a small conversation with a listener but since I’m not feeling any challenges in my life currently, I didn’t really know what to talk about. I used short, concise sentences and here’s what I liked: a) The listener appeared to be very compassionate and kind and genuinely interested in talking to me. b) Despite not offering much information about why I had started the conversation, the listener asked me a lot of questions trying to narrow it down to what could be bothering me. I thought it was fantastic since I can imagine that someone with a genuine concern would take time to loosen up and offer details about themselves.
You sign up to private therapy with a licensed, supportive professional. It’s entirely anonymous and confidential. It’s a paid service, however, you can access 30 days of free therapy on signing up (you will have to add your credit card at the beginning which you can cancel at the end of the 30 day period if you’re not interested).
While trying to find you a therapist best suited to what you want to talk about
They’ll match you to a therapist who fits your personal preferences and required area of expertise and you can start chatting away with them right away.
My experience: I tried to access the therapy, however, I didn’t add my credit card details so it wouldn’t let me through and then I just let it go (my bad). However, what I liked was that I got a note from their team a few hours later supporting my decision to join and encouraging me to share. I understand that sharing with anyone comes with a lot of hesitation and often we might try asking for help but then back out – this support felt very motivating to push forward and lean on someone.
While ‘Listening’ is free compared to the ‘Therapy’ that 7cups offers, if you have a deeper concern, I think it’s always best to connect with a licensed professional so they can help you in the best way.
There’s a lot more that the website offers. If you’re interested, you can explore the website in detail and find out all that you can get from it.

If you need help with anything, it’s important to lean on someone and get help. Your well-being is in your hands and finding contentment in life is your responsibility to yourself.  I really encourage you to reach out and seek help – whether online through this website or offline through any of the channels where you live. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you, it’s not being weak, you deserve to be happy and you know it.

Using this website is a suggestion and any decisions to sign up and consequentially share information are entirely up to you. Please understand that I cannot be responsible for any negative experiences you may have upon the usage of such a forum. I wish you well.


  1. It's remarkable the kind of stuff you are writing about continuously. I'm so so proud of you! And even prouder of myself for having this on my daily read. I don't personally need therapy or listening at this point but you've opened my mind to so much.

  2. You know when I started following you on snap I realized how amazing you are as a person and it impresses me to no end how sorted you are in life. It shows on your blog. I know someone personally who went through a terrible phase in life and suffered a great deal because of not having the courage to talk to anyone about it. Posts like this are instrumental in moving us along. Well done !!

  3. it's good i mean I also impress by this website but I am scared that people will find it negative in some time. "Please understand that I cannot be responsible for any negative experiences" It will happen!! you shouldn't endorse these kind of sites!

  4. This is sooo out of the box and very thpughtful too. Thanks for sharing dww

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