Meet The Interns!

Meet The Interns!

YOU GUYS. SO excited to officially introduce you to the interns/awesome people who are joining the blog for the next few months! Hi guysssss.
Most of you probably remember that I was taking on interns a few months ago and was so lucky to find these brilliant girls with talent, personality and the best work attitude. I’m majorly excited to share the posts that they have developed for us which will start rolling out over the coming weeks. I’m going to let them introduce themselves and you’ll totally see why I love these guys so much.
Sidra Raja-Shah hails from the best city in the world, Islamabad (obviously). She is a certified and trained designer and an uncertified and untrained critic of everything in the world. She tries to be as nonjudgmental as she can bear to be before her mind explodes from the choices of the citizens of the free world. She is an avid reader and a big ass fan of the cinema. She is a full time couch potato and part time wife to a very, very (VERY) patient man. Sidra is a foodie (fatty for life) (samosas rule), major tea enthusiast and a believer of therapeutic value of food. She is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Yellow is her most favorite color. Also, doesn’t like mangoes.
Sidra is just launching herself into the world of blogging and will be talking randomly at @therajalife on Instagram. You can follow her there until her blog launches fully. 
Sidra will be the Style & Beauty Intern on the blog and her first post will be coming next week!

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Atiya Abbas is a hopeless pop culture and social media junkie and you can often find her making self-deprecating jokes on Twitter. She loves to read and has a mild obsession with bookstores and keeping up to date with all the news in the literary world. Also, it’s her dream to open a bookstore someday and just come home to a good cup of tea (and a dog). Atiya works in advertising now but is a trained journalist. She also loves to cook and bake, though her cooking is more like a β€œproject” that she prefers to tackle in parts (the end result can be pretty good). There is plenty that keeps her busy but if you ever wanna discuss books, pop culture, chai or lipstick, holla at your girl.
Also, she is one half of the blog The Good Life that she created with her sister, Amna (intro coming next). It’s where they talk about everything they love – beauty, fashion, food, events and everything awesome about life in Karachi. You can follow Atiya on Instagram at @atiya107 and her blog at @blogthegoodlife

Amna Abbas is a dreamer by nature and an illustrator by profession. She gets paid to create comic books and characters which, for a comic book nerd like herself, is decidedly the best gig. She’s got a Fine Arts degree under her belt and has always been a visual poet. Music fuels her imagination and she can often be found visualizing herself in a music video of the songs currently on her playlist. She has an obsession with space and science fiction and hopes to apply for recruitment to the Mars mission very soon, because Earth is so five light years ago. She gets bored easily which is why you’ll find her hair in different shades of green and blue every now and then. She also loves playing with makeup and cosplaying as her favorite fictional characters.
Amna is the artist and visualizer behind the The Good Life blog that she created with her sister Atiya (intro above, in case you had a sudden memory lapse). You can follow Amna on Instagram at @amnaabbas and her blog at @blogthegoodlife
Atiya and Amna will be the Lifestyle Intern duo on the blog and will be doing a mix of posts on culture, DIY and general good-to-have discussions.

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That’s it.

Welcome my new friends to the blog, guys! And send lots of love to their upcoming posts. Thankaa.


  1. hi girls πŸ™‚ excited to see posts from you

  2. Why am I so excited about this?? Oh wait, I'm excited about everything relating to your blog!! Hi girls, congratulations!! I'd kill to be in your place!

  3. Welcome girls
    Looking forward to read your posts. SR way to go girl !-MBS

  4. Loving the team! Excited to read posts from you all πŸ™‚ Best of Luck!

  5. HOW IN THE WORLD I MISSED THE INTERN POST – I will never knowww! πŸ™ I seriously check to see if you've changed your stance on accepting guest posts like every month! Lol – anyways, I'm already prepping to apply for your next batch!!! Congrats to these girls!

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