Long Distance Friendship

Long Distance Friendship

From our last purposeless/zero-action girls’ trip to Thailand
I feel like my life is a long distance marathon in relationships. N and I were long distance forever. And after moving to Dubai, I deal with a long distance situation with my closest friend, Sumika. Being someone whose always had very few close relationships, it is surprising how well I manage the long distance thing considering I never make backups (you know, random hangout friends you don’t really see in your future). I’ve always found my way around it – earlier with N and now with her. But hanging out with Sumika the past three days (who was here on a work trip) just made me realise how kickass it is to have your person right there with you for the tiniest of things. So I’m sharing the seemingly trivial but awesome things we did together that you really don’t get to enjoy with a long-distance bff.
* Hanging out on the couch for an entire day with no purpose
* Planning the future ten meals as soon as we got together and then having them
* Long, deep conversations about personal projects/life aspirations
* Also trash talking each other
* Planning to watch a movie and then falling asleep
* Actually watching a movie (we did good ones and terrible ones because both are entertaining)
* Handling her bloopers (she pulled a lot of shit at my place, which I’ll unfortunately censor to protect her reputation)
* Shopping together. I practically detest the physical act of shopping and go buy stuff only when she comes to Dubai about once or twice a year, but when we do end up doing it, it’s just something else 
* Discussing work projects with each other and bouncing off ideas (the BEST)
* Performing manual labor. She made me iron her clothes – I don’t even iron my OWN clothes.
* Locking N in the guest bedroom for an entire day so she could sit comfortably without her hijab (LOL)
* Doing all weekend house chores on my own because N was locked in the guest room (double LOL)
* Talking/going into fits over the third part of our group – Muneeza – on WhatsApp audio while hanging out together. This shit NEVER happens so it was incredible.
* Going through embarrassing stuff on her phone to use for future blackmail/general humiliation

* Getting presents (she got me stuff from Turkey, woohoo)
* Eventually using her as a mule to send stuff back to Pakistan (of course)
It was brilliant.
Tell me yours?


  1. Well i could totally relate to it..me n my roomie , my study partner ..now both of us married with 2 kids…we are still in touch though we r rakhti busy with our lives but shez the only one i can goof around with n be myself with her ( other than my hubby)

  2. sigh now you re making me miss hanging out with the girls (i only have two LOL) but i am grabbing dinner with a couple of kick ass twitter friends and later hanging out with my cousin so YASSS, food and talk overdose FTW.

  3. yessss i can so relate this to me.. my best friend is in K-town n she will be leaving on tomorrow n currently me at office n thinking what bahanan i can make it to my boss so i can leave early form office and spend time with my bestie.. :))

    p.S: please help some genuine bahana 😛

  4. I have a few friends i made during my trips abroad. I have no idea when would I meet them again (I m talking about friends in different continents).So basically for me LDR means enjoying a unique kind of friendship through the virtual world. MBS

  5. BTW,my besf friend is leaving for the USA next Week for her studies.I would b moving to Dubai next year (I m getting married). I shared your post with my friends. Our near future means maintaining LDR lol. We read your post and included our version of stuff we would do together.-MBS

  6. Oh to eventually meet up with long distance bff! I haven't met mine in 10 years! It's going to be epic when it happens and the rendezvous point just might be Santorini lol

  7. Sigh. Long distance friendships kinda suck mostly because you cant just hang out in PJs and have ridiculous amounts of chai with Friends playing the background ( LUMS hostel life ruined me 🙁 ) but thankyou Allah mian for Whatsapp without which I would never know that my best friends got a bad blow dry, dealt with baby diaper explosions, are having a rishta aunty come over or that they are bored in a meeting in atleast 4 countries and 2 continents across the world 😀

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