I’ve been wanting colored mascara for so long, you guys, and having this land in my lap was the best. I actually received three from Flormar: in blue, green and brown. I tried out the blue first and totally loved it. I’ve always been a fan of colored eyeliner as well, but if you feel like that’s a bit much for you, then colored mascara is the way to go. It’s subtle yet obvious. I did have to swipe it on quite a few times though to color all the lashes but it lasted all day without any smudges. General tips: I layered the top of the lashes with it too and lightly added a black eyepencil in the outer corners of my eyes so the mascara wouldn’t feel too naked by itself and get some dimension (wow, I sound so sophisticated, wow). Will totally repurchase once I’m out of this one. Green and brown next, verdicts coming shortly, bros. (Flormar sells in most big malls in the UAE / Check Hyperstar or Dolmen Mall for Pakistan)
One of N’s friends is visiting us for a few days and she got this motherload of POISON FOR MY SOUL. I’ve been doing a semi-version of the 21 Day Fix and you cannot imagine how hard it’s going to be to keep my hands off this for 2 weeks (I’m down 7 days). I did steal 3 salt caramel fudges from one box though, feeling quite pissy about that, FYI.
Woke up early today and sneaked in a quiet cup of chai right here while everyone was sleeping. It was speshul.
Love me some good masala chai so going to test drive this, this weekend. Has anyone tried it? I actually have had it AND loved it but someone else prepared it for me. Now I need to develop personal expertise on it, thank you everybaaady.
What the office looked like all this week. Going to pull the jhandis down now, although I don’t want to. Hashtag LIFESUX.
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Try maccha tea..its all in rage for all the right reasons

  2. I LOVE waking up before anyone else on weekends and enjoying the solace of my home, early mornings and silence are heavenly! Colored mascara/eyeliner is a great way to add color without looking like you're getting ready to attend a wedding (not a fan of heavy duty makeup) ? masala chai is ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Always a fascinating read. Thanks for your time and effort, keep it up! Lots of love and prayers

  4. You could try layering the mascara, I had one that had two ends, the base would make my lashes white, then when I put on the colored, it would totally pop out. It was back in 2005 SO I don't remember the brand… that made the colored mascara more obvious and stand out more.

  5. Love the mascara and that cute little sofa corner of your home. Ive been using colored eye pencils. Got some Urban Decay ones.

  6. The mascara is magical thoug dont know if i can pull it off but you surely can. Love.

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