Put up the flag in the living room last night. Happy Independence weekend, everybody. After busy, busy weekends the last few weeks, I’m going to hibernate at home on this one and refuse to accept any social contact. Tell me your plans?

I love, love weekend breakfasts at home. Because I’ve gone back on the 21 Day Fix (no promises if I’ll stay on it all through because my performance has been terrible the past few months), I’ve been trying to find new breakfast options (so done with oatmeal). Have been making these 2-ingredient banana-egg  ‘pancakes’ and loving them. Look them up online or tell me if you want a post on them and I’ll do one (soon).
Sumika has finally learnt how to pick gifts for me (best friends’ gift giving capabilities have a learning curve, don’t lose hope if your bff is giving shitty presents). She got me this handmade olive oil soap from Turkey and I love it so much I almost don’t want to touch it. Also, keeping that gorgeous box forever, naturally.
The weekend is here and I’ve pulled out my entertainment. New glasses and finally getting on ‘The Girl On The Train’. (Got the glasses from Grand Optics in Mall of the Emirates for about 300 aed I think, they’re 50% off these days).
So this is not an image from my week but because I’m looking for ways to send birthday gifts to our Pakistan for this 14th, I found these candles by The Karachi Candle Company. They’re doing a limited edition Motia Noir candle (cannot wait to smell that piece of heaven) and donating all proceeds from it to Quetta. They’re just PKR 2000 a piece so please, please order them (they’ll send you a tiny surprise too). I’ll ask Sumika to get one for me and send it over later. You can order on their Facebook page here or Instagram here. (Pictured candle is not the one I’m talking about)
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Love the candle idea!!!

    Also the soap is amazing!!! I got from my last business trip and got as gifts too. Veryyyy nice u shall love it!!

    Also banana pancakes are my love. U are fast becoming my online soul sister type ????

    1. Author

      Oh wow, I love that tiny feedback on the soap 😀 And YES, banana pancakes are absolute love.

  2. Omg i am also starting the Girl on the Train, the trailer with Emily Blunt is BOMB. I have also made those two ingredient pancakes, they taste really good but it s kinda like a banana-y omelette dont you think? And LOVE Karachi Candle Company but you already know that 😉 Happy Independence Day Shehzeen!

    1. Author

      I watched the trailer last night and I loved it and in my opinion, I think the movie is going to be better than the book :O The banana-egg 'pancakes' are actually a godsend when you want something yummy but are trying to eat clean so I love them for that fact 😀

  3. Hello Shehzeen, please check my email or message on Facebook messenger. Thank you

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