Favorite Thing: Hask Hair Treatment

Favorite Thing: Hask Hair Treatment

I’ve been talking about this product for a bit now on Snap and I think it’s about time it made its debut on the blog. I’ve recently developed an understanding of how taking care of your hair and skin topically also helps quite a bit in the overall scheme of things. Typically, hair masks aren’t anything I’d indulge in more than a couple of times of a year but ever since discovering this guy, I’ve been reaching for it at least once a month (weekly usage is the goal, though).
I’m talking about the Hask  Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment and I truly, madly, deeply love it. If you want to get one conditioning treatment for your hair, this is the one.
AND it’s drugstore, so it’s super inexpensive with high impact results. And we all like that kinda stuff, right? Of kwos.  Let’s discuss?






1. Super conditioning. I’ve tried a few hair masks here and there (all drugstore so I don’t know about the high-end ones) and nothing compares to this. This is fayb-you-luss. Makes your hair soft AF.
2. Makes your hair really shiny & sleek. If I loosely blow dry my hair after having used this, my hair looks super sleek. I don’t even have to blowdry using a brush and it gives awesome results. I will mention though that my hair is naturally straight on some days and with a slight wave on some (depending on the shampoo I use) so your sleekness results would differ. BUT, I haven’t had such sleek hair with such gorgeous shine, prior to having used this.
Used the Hask Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment here. Lipstick: Sweet Touch 904 (discontinued), Earrings: H&M
3. Inexpensive. It’s just 10 AED for one sachet which has about 2-3 uses (depending on hair length). For the kind of punch it packs, this is stellar pricing.
4. Has many variants. There are many, many variants of this hair treatment so even if the Macadamia Oil one is not your soulmate, there are many others that could do the trick. My plan is to test out the Argan Oil one today, I’ll update here on my thoughts if I like it. There’s also Keratin Protein, Almond Oil & Bamboo Oil (I want all, thanks).



Nothing. I just love this. I’m going to hoard large amounts of it over the weekend. (If it goes out of stock, that’s probably me).
Where is it available? It should be available at all hypermarkets and supermarkets in the UAE. I’ve seen a big kiosk at Carrefour, Mall of the Emirates. It’s not available in Pakistan, ask a relative or friend to bring it back for you on their next trip.
Check out my hair here where I snapped it after using the hair treatment. You can follow Hask UAE on Facebook here.
Before I end this post, I just want the UAE readers to know that I’ve got a tiny surprise coming your way next week. Don’t miss it. (Other readers, I will slowly come to you, fret not).
The product in this post was initially sent to me by Hask UAE but subsequent purchases were made by me cos I fell in love and didn’t want us to be apart.


  1. oh my God….i bought argon oil deep conditioning few days back and was planning on using it today. what a coincedence….wil try others as well

    1. i tried the argon oil deep condioting mask nd i totaly love it…its amazing.mybhair felt ful of life and it weighed more at ends( which btw is the problem i struggle with alot)…i just love it.

  2. I got this on your reco when you snapped it. It's a regular for me too now!

  3. Omg! I so need something like this in my life right now. My hair have fried permanently for over a year now and nothing has helped, high-end or drugstore. Even my hair serums have stopped working on my hair. No amount of blowdrying or hair straightening controls the frizz. I'm in deep Shit. I think this product sounds like the answer to my prayers

  4. Hey wonderwomen, Hask has complete hair care routine including shampoo condition mask etc. Why dont you give a complete review on that plz. Must haves sulphate free products for dubai's chlorinated water..

  5. This mask is quite epic! But for the bestest results, incorporate Mane n Tail hair grow balm. Well its not called a balm, but it sure looks like one. Apply to scaplt after shampoo and condition, NO grease or yuck in your hair. So so so good. And brings out an instant shine.

  6. i tried the argon oil deep conditioning mask and i toltaly loved it.it gave my hair life…and weight ( sp at the ends) ..i wil definitly try shampoos and condtioners as well…if it suits me thn m total loyal person to these products 🙂

  7. Hey can it be used on dyed hair ?

    1. Author

      I’m sure it can be, it’s like any other conditioning treatment, but any product that’s not specifically developed for color treated hair won’t protect the color as well.

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