Favorite Chai Memory With N

Favorite Chai Memory With N

You know all that over-the-top stuff they say in chai ads about chai bringing people together and strengthening bonds – I’M THAT PERSON WHO LIVES THAT IN REAL LIFE. It’s what I have as one of the first things in the morning, what I make plans with friends around and what I look forward to doing the most with N at the end of every day.

My favorite chai memory with N is from last year when we went to Nepal and were introduced to the most heavenly masala chai ever (I’d had masala chai before but Nepal was playing in a different hot-beverage-league altogether). One of the days, we went to Sarangkot (I’ve talked about this very briefly on the blog before) which is the highest viewpoint in Pokhara (the city we visited in Nepal), hoping to catch the sunrise against the Pokhara valley.

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to drive up to to the viewpoint. It was pitch dark and we went up winding roads for a good half hour before getting to the spot. A short hike later, we reached the rooftop of a tiny shop where we were supposed to hang out until the good stuff started to happen (the sunrise, guys).

We were the first ones there. It was so high up, the entire city was asleep, it was super quiet, mildly chilly, we could hear the river down below and everything was just.fan.tastic.

And then our driver got us piping, hot masala chais.

If we were looking for kids at that point, we would have adopted that guy – that’s what he had done for us.

The chai was so kickass, you guys. When N and I have a really good cup of chai, it’s a definite highlight and this one was killing it. We hung out on plastic chairs, sipped our ryan-gosling-level masala chais and watched the color of the sky change from black to navy and so many more shades of blue.

Gradually, people started coming in and things started to get more visible. We could see the entire city wake up right in front of us and even though we never got to the see the sunrise because the clouds never parted (that can happen in that season), we still had the absolute best time.

N and I stayed back for quite some time even after the sun was way up in the sky and people had mostly left. We ordered another round of masala chais and hung out in the middle of the clouds just chatting. Anyone else may have been disappointed that they never got to see the mountain ranges (which are absolutely stellar in pictures by the way) but for us it was about the moment and the experience.

I never had the same masala chai once I got back home until I had some at a meeting and it was so good. I raved about it a lot so they sent me a dabba a few months ago and I’ve been making it since (still trying to achieve pro level). It’s Waghbakri spiced loose tea (they have masala teabags too but with mild sugar, and I prefer mine without).

If you ask either one of us about our favorite chai memory, both of us go back to that sunrise masala chai action in a second. It was speshul. Now tell me about your favorite chai memory, thanks so much.

Waghbakri spiced tea sells for about AED 14 at most hypermarkets and supermarkets. You can join them on their Facebook page here.


  1. Shehzeen this post is so so amazing. I am a chai lover myself. My day doesn't start without it.. And when I got married, my husband never had chai. But then he started having it with me and now it's become our daily ritual. I can so relate to everything you've written in this article.
    Will try this masala chai for sure.
    Much love,

  2. 1. I want to go to Nepal asap
    2. I am going to give Masala Chai one more try.I tried the Wagh bakhri one on your recommendation but didn't like it though I don't know why, but i guess it deserves another chance.
    3. Lovely piece of writing as always����

  3. *high-five*
    I too believe that chai can make things better (as long as you're having it & then you can have another cup or just keep having more chai until things go better).
    Now my best chai memory was with my ex so I'm trying to top that one haha. However, after every tiring day, I go to this dhaba near my place and have tea there. It has the best chai in Karachi, trust me, I've tested all. Having tea there with my brother or a friend at the end of a long day relaxes me so so much and lifts up my mood and prepares me to face life another day. I highly recommend the dhaba to you. I'll post the address when you'll be planning to visit Karachi so it doesn't get lost. 🙂

  4. Chai has been a quintessential part of my life. My mom made me make evening teas since i was 12. Back then, I used to get angry despite having a maid, but i think that's how I learnt to master the craft, even if I say so myself. My whole family is a chai addict. There are multiple rounds on dawats and dholkis. So many memories are associated with it, especially when I baked muffins to go with them or made home-made samosas for evening teas, my late dad would enjoy the most. My husband and I love our post-dinner chai ritual too. I am always waiting for him to take his first sip and go 'oh baby, best chai ever". Hehe

  5. so because amna and I are hopeless tea addicts and a lot of our evenings are spent having tea together but my favorite chai memory will have to be when my friend was visitng from India and we had chai at a dhaba next to Nandos in Ramadan, we talked about everything and it was the best bonding sesh ever <3 thank you for sharing the beautiful memory Shehzeen 😀

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