Eating & Drinking: Favorite Faloodas In Dubai

Eating & Drinking: Favorite Faloodas In Dubai

I’m a shameless falooda lover.
Having lived in Lahore for the major part of my life, I was a die-hard fan of the kulfi falooda (which was just falooda for me at that time, there was no need to add ‘kulfi’ to it). After moving to Karachi, I remember excitedly going to have my first falooda and being given a glass with weird pink stuff in it and going all “HAINNN??” and then realizing that this was a different world where the kulfi falooda did not exist. Even though I hated on it at first, over time I grew to love both versions equally and now crush on both with evenly matched passion. I’ve found great versions for both in Dubai and I feel now it’s my moral responsibility to share them with erraybady.

The Punjabi Falooda at Billo Ice Cream
This is not exactly the kulfi falooda because they don’t give you extra sugar syrup or ice on the side to sex things up (I believe in the power of the sugar syrup). BUT, it’s got kulfi and it’s got falooda and then it comes with something you don’t expect at all and which blows your mind big boom style: the RABRI.
It’s SUCH a fab combination. Don’t share this with anyone, it would be a mistake.  
They also have other falooda versions but I like this one the best. They also have Peshawari Icecream which is not completely kickass but I still really like it. The restaurant is super tiny but you can always takeaway. The interiors are done up in signature truck art and it’s a fun place for quick hangout.
The Pujabi Falooda is AED 19. Billo Icecream is in Bur Dubai and Qusais and you can check them out on Facebook here. They also opened their restaurant version of Billo, named Gulabo, which you can check out here if you want (I haven’t gone yet, tell me if you’ve tried it).

The Fruit Falooda at Haji Ali
The best pink falooda I’ve ever had. No joke. There are fruits and nuts in the mix and when its served super cold (sometimes they screw up the temperature so ask them to give the ice cold stuff), it’s the bomb. If you don’t like nuts or fruit, they have other options too, but I like this one the best. (I really don’t like the kesar options they have)
The Fruit Falooda is served sundae style (it is actually the desi sundae) and is priced at AED 19. Haji Ali has a bunch of locations all over Dubai but I usually go to the one in JLT (Cluster U).
Enjoyz, boyz.


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