Afghani Jewelery In Dubai (Actually Sharjah)

Afghani Jewelery In Dubai (Actually Sharjah)

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Since a couple of months, I’d been going a little nutty over afghani jewelery. I had no trips to Pakistan coming up and I couldn’t find anything remotely close to it in Dubai. One day out of frustration, I just googled afghani jewelery in Sharjah and found someone just randomly mentioning that you could find a lot of it at the Blue Souq.

I experienced some minor palpitations and immediately commissioned N to join me on this search. He enthusiastically said YESS (according to his version he surrendered and said ‘okay’ but who do you think is more reliable). The next day we finished up work and landed at this unexpectedly beautiful piece of architecture just about 35-40 mins outside of Dubai (anyone who lives in Dubai knows that going to Sharjah is no biggie, it just feels like an extension of Dubai). 
The building has two ‘arms’, running parallel to each other. The one you see in the picture is on the right; its identical twin is on the left. When you step into this place, the ground floor is all typical souq/market stuff and nothing you won’t find elsewhere. But you go one level up and that’s where the magic is.
The first floor is lined with shops, shops and more shops that carry all this ridiculously gorgeous afghani jewelry. There’s SO.MUCH.STUFF.

Now they’ve got two types of jewelery: One is the expensive stuff that’s going to cost you your unborn child to procure. It’s real silver or real brass, I don’t know the details, it’s just the real shit. Second is the artificial stuff which is really cheap and something that people like you and me can aspire for and purchase. It’s all mixed up and kept together so either you can ask them to show you the inexpensive stuff only or you ask individually for the pieces that you like.
Small rings, big rings, ginormous rings.
There’s all kinds of big, small, huge pieces. All stunning.
I looked around for a good half hour before making a purchase, even though I wanted to jump on the first thing I saw and just go home. I’m glad I didn’t do that for two reasons: 1) You won’t find the exact same stuff at all the shops so every place may have something different and you want to make all informed decisions. 2) You discover that all shops have different price points for various reasons. The best and most inexpensive one was this shop that I found in the picture above, which was hidden in a corner of the market, absolutely detached from the rest of the shops.
This shop “Mohd. Daud Ghulam Antique” (according to their business card, I don’t remember if they have this on a sign outside) was at the far end of one of the arms of the Blue Souq. It was at a dead end and the 8-9 shops next to it were all closed (not sure permanently or at that hour) and I nearly turned back because it didn’t seem like anything from outside. But I was so happy I didn’t because he had a LOT of stuff and he was super nice AND his prices were the lowest. (His business card is at the end of the post)
He had a lot of stuff on display BUT I pushed him a lot to bring more things out and that’s when he pulled out these giant bags exploding with magic. I rummaged through so many of them and he had some major gems inside. Earrings, buttons, belts, anklets, headbands, bracelets, rings, what not. It was an absolute blast hanging out there. Really.
He also had tons of Suzani fabric that I luuhhvvvveeee. You could use these as throws, table runners, wall hangings. I didn’t have time to go through these but I’m totally going back soon to check them out soon.
Other than that shop and the jewelery, the Blue Souq has a bunch of shops also selling antiques. They’ve got small stuff for your home and then they have these giant statement pieces. I don’t know the price ranges but I’m guessing it’s the same as for the jewelery – low end and high end stuff both.
They also had all these cool gadgets like compasses, sextants, magnifiers. They’d make fantastic gifts by the way and also look pretty phenomenal on a shelf or a coffee table.
If you’re into coins, they had ALL kinds. Also, they had unbelievably beautiful currency notes, from various times and countries, at a couple of shops which I didn’t photograph somehow but I totally want a few for myself. They were incredible.
Also, all this stuff that some people will call garbage and some people will call treasures (me). I don’t know if the phones or typewriters work but that hasn’t ever stopped me from getting things, you know.
They had a ton of other stuff that I didn’t photograph. There’s a LOT and if you bargain well you can get things for very decent prices.
Tips for the Blue Souq:
1. Don’t waste time on the ground floor. Get to the first floor.
2. Take out 2-3 hours and go through all the shops slowly. Look around first. If you love this stuff, that’s the only way to truly enjoy it and walk away with something at the best price.
3. Feel free to bargain. You can actually get things for 1/3rd the price that’s quoted to you. I bargained by asking for half the price of what they quoted and the guy agreed immediately. Which told me that I could’ve gone lower but that’s okay because these guys are hardworking and it’s all cheap anyway.
4. There are two price ranges for everything there: the high-end and the low-end. If you don’t want the super expensive stuff, ask them to show you only the cheaper stuff.
5. The nicer and prettier the shop is, the higher its prices will be. I got things at the shop, which I talked about above and its business card is also right below, which was small, cramped and had lousy air-conditioning but he gave me the best prices (and had the best attitude).
6. Check clasps properly before buying. Some of the stuff is dumped together and so may not be in the best condition (I didn’t find anything broken but just a watchout). Ask them to change a clasp if you find a damaged one, they can do it for you.
7. Some of the stuff can be DIY-ed. I found these earrings that didn’t have the ear hooks with them. So I bought them anyway and brought them home and pulled hooks out of an old pair I had that I didn’t wear anymore. Just hooked them on and they were ready.
This the shop where I found my stuff and will go back to for more. It’s at one end of the souq and you can’t go any further than that (dead end).
That’s the necklace I bought from the Blue Souq that I wore on Eid and also posted on Insta a while ago. You can see it here too.
Some details for you:
Where: Blue Souq
Emirate: Sharjah in UAE
Good for: Afghan jewelery, suzani fabric, rugs, carpets, afghan clothes, antiques like old coins, currency notes, typewriters, old phones, home dΓ©cor stuff, jewelery boxes and a whole lot more 
Location: Find it on Google Maps as ‘Blue Souk’ or ‘Central Souq’

You can also find such jewelery at the Global Village in Dubai but that’s not on throughout the year and I don’t know if their prices are as low.

If you want Afghani Jewelery in Pakistan and don’t want to go around looking for it, I found this account Rang Chamkay that sells some pretty fab pieces at super cheap prices. Facebook here, Instagram here.

Until next time.
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  1. You're a fucking genius. WOW man. What a find.

  2. Oh my god, I live in Sharjah and I did not know this!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to go!!

  3. OMG ! I felt like I just died and went to heaven just looking at all this gorgeous stuff. That typewriter is calling my name. Aaaaahhhh ! I am already thinking of planning a trip to Dubai, just to visit this Souq.(I live in Qatar) Thank you for sharing ! πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Hahaha. Have you gone to that amazing souq in Doha which has all the awesome rugs? I'm dying to go to that!

  4. Wow man those statement pieces are love! And thanks a lot for mentioning the antiques. Been on a lookout for them!

  5. Wow man those statement pieces are love! And thanks a lot for mentioning the antiques. Been on a lookout for them!

  6. Wow! Is this the on top of the gold souq or the one with the Arabic clothes and hijabs etc?

    1. Author

      I'm not that familiar with the place but the lower floor had Arabic clothes and gold jewelery both :O but mostly clothes I think

  7. Love these kind of jewellery! Thanks!!!

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