5 Essential Bags For Every Girl

5 Essential Bags For Every Girl

Mockingjay, buy here
Sidra, the style and beauty intern, is back on the blog today with a post about the five must-have bags for all girls. There are options for Pakistan, UAE and general worldwide shopping, and (almost) all are super affordable, so enjoyaiz, plizz.
Urban survival ain’t no joke. Unlike survival in the wild, which is acceptable Tarzan style, you need to look presentable and preferably pleasant to the population of the world. With the kind of serious heat-waves hitting our faces with the wrath of a hundred ignored wives in summers, humidity making us look like walking, talking birdnests during monsoons and winters approaching on the tune of kabhi-gas-kabhi-nogas, we need to gear up for life like nobody’s business. With the forever changing weathers, personal body mass and never-ending trends, accessorizing usually gets ignored. Like a wife (Is anyone catching an underlying theme here?) (It’s super unintentional).
Anywho. I did some research, boys and girls. A very thorough and time taking research that was inspired as much by my love of bags as it was by the 3-hour building maintenance that forced me to be at the mall. Here I have the list of five must-have bags that every chick should have in her arsenal.
Available in khattay-meethay rang, these have enough space to smuggle your youngest sibling in. These big lifesavers come in handy for carrying around your entire life with you. I like to throw my usual necessities in, for example: wallet, water bottle (at. all. times), makeup touchup things (lipstick, powder, lip balm, sunscreen), urgent life situation things (pain meds, band-aids, breath mints, extra hair ties, la de da), psycho fixation things (travel size body lotion, wet wipes, sanitizer, always a warm shawl thanks to stupid sub-zero temperatures in malls and cinemas). Now after this embarrassing declaration of what’s in my bag, its needless to say that I need a lot of space. I would like to impress upon you that you need a lot of space too. So.
RangJa, buy here / PKR 2,940
Shopbop, buy here / AED 380 – Free international delivery
ASOS, buy here / $51 – Free international delivery
These bags come in standard, medium sizes. Not crazy oversized or with print, no tassels, no nothing. They will cater to your every sane requirement and coordinate with every outfit. They will save your life when you don’t know what bag will go with your outfit. They will match with your neutral colored shalwars and tights that you pair with your designer lawn kameezes. You don’t know yet but you need one.

Native Store on Polly & Other Stories, buy here / PKR 4,500


Zara, buy here / AED 99
ASOS, buy here / $40 – Free international shipping

Very in with the millennials. Very boho. Tres chic. These will unburden your life and help you feel easy and breezy at the same time. If it comes in tan leather, then it’s super timeless and like neutrals it goes with literally everything. Pairing it is fun; it inspires you to hippy your outfits out. It takes your standard jeanteeshirt situation and brings it to a different level. Its size will accommodate lesser stuff and you will only carry necessities. Which you should anyway. Instead of carrying around an apocalypse survival kit. Pfft.

Dhurrie Project, buy here / PKR 2875
Mango on Namshi, buy here / AED 179
New Look, buy here / GBP 8
Okay I mean. Stop right there. That’s what I thought when I saw this rack of bags. All in different shapes and sizes, prints, designs. If you have the moolah to burn on this, then you should. Because this is going to cause some serious bag envy amongst your peers. You will be hashtag style goals with this. Go forth and splurge my child. Or not. I mean it’s up to you.
Bastay, buy here / PKR 4500
Shopbop, buy here / AED 257
Skinny Dip on ASOS, buy here / $48 – Free international delivery

This is probably the most sensible purchase, if you’re thinking long-term. But who wants to be sensible? Do you? I don’t. This is maybe basic bitch bags cousin’ once removed. They aren’t the most affordable but you could perhaps buy one every ten years? They have nice neutral shades, color blocked designs, utilitarian styles, very accessible pockets. They will serve you well at work or at college. They will travel from summer into fall right through winter if you be nice to it, feed it twice a day and clean the litter box. They wear well in formal occasions and are ideal for sensible grownups. *rolls eyes*

Rema, buy here / PKR 23,000
Furla on Shopbop, buy here / AED 655


Popinjay, buy here / $185
That is all, guys. Hope you feel sorted.

Sidra Raja-Shah is an authority on almost anything you can think of. Her superpowers include an ultra-super-keen- sense of observation and eating a big bag of Doritos all on her own. You can catch her rambling @therajalife on Instagram. To read more about Sidra, check out the meet the interns post.


  1. Wowwww lurrvvvveddd it…i need one from all categories I think…i feel quite sorted now ?

  2. Loved the post… exactly my type of Bags needed, especially the Big sized ones.. Cuz I also believe in carrying my mini life savers around in daily routines!! 😀

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