Fake pose picture from when I moved into this apartment, was a test shot for a magazine feature, I guess trying to show I’m a blogger wow nice cool
Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for N’s generally overdramatic statements in life.
N: Are you my heroine?
Me: Umm, yes?
N: No.
Me: …..???…..
N: You’re my hero.
I had one of the busiest last few weeks with lots of work, new projects I had taken on, family visiting, Ramzan and a few other things (nothing scandalous, just boring but time-consuming stuff). It was exhausting and everyday I’d tell myself to just push a little bit harder because despite the fact that I was monumentally tired by the end of each day, I was enjoying all of it (plus it was temporary, I don’t believe in being a slave all the time).
One night I got into bed and was particularly wiped out and N said that to me. And it was like someone had given me a six-hand deep tissue massage while simultaneously feeding me chocolate. When you’re feeling really challenged, the support of anyone you care about is the best drug. And while this came from my spouse, I trust in the power of encouragement and support from anyone you love. It’s aspirin for your soul.
That night, N particularly talked to me about the blog giveaway and how proud he was of me for actually coming up with the concept of this grand giveaway that no one else was doing, and it took me back to the time when I had talked to him about the idea the very first time. We were hanging out on our couch after work, sometime in February of last year, and I had casually asked him what he thought about me getting a bunch of awesome brands together, really upping the value of the package and giving it away to just one person. At that time, the idea didn’t resonate with him but in those 10 minutes of talking to him about it, I had already decided that I was going to push through. When he saw me suddenly so pumped, he immediately got on board and said he’d help out with whatever he could. The same night I mailed two brands I really loved and asked them about joining in. A few hours later, both of them had said yes.
Just having N take me back to that time and reminding me about the beginning when something like this didn’t practically exist anywhere, particularly not in Pakistan or the UAE, I felt like I could do anything. I felt recharged, I felt even more excited. Over time, I’ve seen a couple of people copy the idea of this big giveaway, linking it to blog birthdays, etc. and that’s when you realise the power of positive dialogue – instead of something like that taking away from you, you actually end up feeling accomplished.
The giveaway is just one example. And that’s an example specific to me. I believe I can do anything on my own and I trust my capabilities more than anyone else. But I also believe that being able to support someone and being able to depend on someone are one of the most beautiful things we as human beings can do for each other. N has supported me limitless times with my work – taking over all house chores, flooding with positive affirmation, handing out hugs – and I’ve in return depended on him because it’s wonderful to be able to do that (and vice versa but I write this blog so it’s about my side, lulz).
It’s easy to forget to support, especially if both people in an equation are occupied, and even lose your shit when someone close to you is absorbed and consumed by something that takes away from your personal time together (I was working three straight weekends last month and N patiently sat next to me through all of them). As long as it’s not a way of life (because I don’t support that at all, I feel life should trump everything else), it’s the most beautiful thing to give your encouragement and support to the people you love when they’re having a tough time and allow them to depend on you.
So right after you’re done reading this, go tell a hardworking parent/sibling/best friend/husband/wife/child, how proud you are of them. And gift the both of you at the same time.


  1. Is he the most perfect guy or what? Seriously, where did you find him? :/

  2. Loved this post. I haven't seen the big giveaway copied yet but I have seen some of your posts copied exactly on some small blogs here and there. I design clothes and I see my designs copied often. I'd love for you to do a post on how do you handle people copying your ideas since it seems like you're pretty positive about it? What are your thoughts on calling out people who cheat so blatantly? I've seen a blogger copying your snaps by the way which is annoying to me as a follower, how can it not be annoying when its happening to you? I'm sorry for so many questions but I am mostly frustrated when the same happens in my work. Thanks for reading this never-ending comment.

    1. Author

      I can imagine. Seeing your work copied is definitely always a challenge to deal with. I will try to put something on this together. <3

  3. I have been thinking about this thing for quite some time.How good support can change your whole day and life. Beautifully put though.
    And N is such a gem 🙂

  4. These unsaid words of joy can do wonders for any relationship. I took a long time to understand the worth and need of appreciation.
    BTW,lots of dua for you two.

  5. you are lucky enough, you have got everything, some people work entire life but never appreciated, you have got great husband that's why you are able to write this, Respect him as much you can, make roti (s) for him loool

  6. Please share story how S met N ? Any head-ups while choosing the perfect dhula being in a world of selfish people

    You can also write blog on finding your certain someone too that will help us (unmarried) 😀

  7. May Allah bless you always Ameen ❤️ As a married person I love reading stuff that I apply in my life. I live telling my significant other how proud I am of him and it's true that is a gift for both of us because I feel great telling him about it n I'm pretty sure he loves getting compliments.
    I just wanted to say that marriage is all about balance its not always a bed of roses but it's about understanding each other and that is what we all see with N and S MashAllah May Allah protect them from all evil eyes Ameen.
    All people have their differences and that can lead to ups and downs in relationships. One thing that j have learnt from my own relationship is that it's best when one of us stays calm while the other throws a tantrum lol later on you two can talk about what went wrong but trying to prove who's right is what usually leads to arguments.
    Lamba comment hi hau Gaya ? Loads of love for you both S n N Bhai , keep sharing such lovely posts helps us newbies keep our ship strong as well 🙂

  8. You two inspire me a lot. Seeing your snaps makes ne feel i actually know you two. M.A you two have beautiful souls, i absolutely adore your couple. May Allah keep you happy and blessed hamesha,I.A 🙂

  9. Such a lovely post ? you and your spouse are true example of better halves for each other who are together to complete each other in true meanings of betterhalf ??

  10. I love Nabeel so much I cant even…sorry if this is inappropriate but he is just SO MUCH LOVE. Nabeel is man goals <3 :') You have built an amazing space and he is so lucky to be a part of it everyday. Thank you for sharing his passions and his quirks with us too, God bless you both <3

  11. Love you two! Stay awesome and stay blessed you guys. Maybe you talk about relationship advices soon!

  12. I feel so happy to read this because it has made me aware of the fact that whether you're a badass self dependent woman or not, a support system is always going to make all your hardwork worthwhile. And you don't have to feel guilty about missing out on little things.
    I pray good things for you and your man. You both are awesome. Mashallah bro.

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