My Night Routine

My Night Routine

Boys. Having a night routine for me is one of those things that I absolutely refuse to go without. I can’t confirm anything but on nights that I’m out late and don’t have time to ‘indulge’ myself this way, I may or may not appear to have anger issues (Like I said, I cannot confirm anything).
I’ve been slowly developing some night time rituals for myself that make me wind down like nothing else and really slow the pace of the day down (especially if things have been stressful or exhausting). It’s a simple, dialed down 10 step process, one that happens for me on default and I’m going to share it with you guys cos I wanna, wanna.

[You’ll see a lot of products from Rituals in this post but that’s because recently they asked me to pick out a bunch of stuff from their store and so naturally I took care of my entire night time routine from that activity. I cannot be questioned, I was helpless.]
All products in this post are linked at the end.
So around 10 pm, I start the process of my daily migration to the bedroom and here’s what I start doing in pretty much this exact order. 
1. Tidy up. I cannot start my mornings in the middle of a mess. So both N and I make sure all eyesores like dirty dishes, unsorted laundry and any traces of a night of immorality (meaning, high carb crimes) are eliminated. It starts the next morning off right where my sole focus is making breakfast and moving into my plan for the day without having to think about doing the pocha.
2. Wash up. I hardly have a skincare routine in place and I want to correct that so I’ve been experimenting with some stuff lately and will share when I figure out what actually works. But regardless of having nothing in place right now that should make me look like your neighbor’s teenage daughter when I’m 50, I do make sure I wash my face every night. Get all the makeup off and moisturize. No questions about this.
3. Dim the lights. I dim the lights in the bedroom and get into action (nothing scandalous, please you guys) because mood lighting is king.
4. Light a candle. Because I’m currently suffering from a condition called there-is-no-life-without-candles, I immediately light one up as soon as I’m in my room (after blowing out the one in the living room). I keep this on for about an hour and it makes the room smell like a piece of heaven.
5. Spray some pillow mist. This is pretty much a new fascination (thanks, Australia, because that’s where I discovered it in my hotel room) but now I like to pretend that it’s something that’s been in our family for years and has been passed down from generation to generation. I spritz a bit of this bed mist (pictured above) on our pillows every night and it’s magic to sleep into, bros. I’ve finished up the one that got me hooked and now using this bed/body mist from Rituals.

6. Play some slow music. Don’t do this every night but every few days, I’ll play whatever slow music I’ve been enjoying (that can also double up ideally as a horse tranquilizer). Currently on my playlist is Time by Hans Zimmer (the Inception soundtrack). If you don’t play slow music in your bedroom at night, try it and tell me if it doesn’t make you lose your mind (in a good way).
7. Make tea. It’s kind of hard for me to imagine life without some form of tea in it. Every night, I’ll make myself whatever herbal tea I have in circulation at that point, and start to wind down the day with it. It’s a psychological Xanax for me that signals to my brain that this girl is ready to party (I mean, snore) and starts to slip me into the most relaxed state.
8. Read A Book. I went completely off track on this during Ramzan and while family was visiting, but the entire rest of the year, my favorite thing to do with my tea has been to read a book. It’s the absolute best. 
9. Random crap. I also catch up with everyone I’ve been ignoring the entire day (I’m a terrible friend usually). I’ll chat with a few friends, check out stuff like Instagram/Snapchat, talk a bit with N, check out 9gag with him (he’s a bit of fascist when it comes to making me do this with him). I used to do the phone bit for about an hour every night but ever since I started reading more regularly this year, I’ve cut down on my phone usage to about 10-15 mins at night. If we’re really, really into a show, this is where we fit that in too.

10. Get Some Water. Having a glass of water as the absolute last thing I do before sleeping is like a no-miss for me. Other than the fact that it helps your body through the night, it’s also the best
alarm clock in the morning. Hashtag bladder.

[Products] Sleepwear: Blood Orange / Candle: Samurai Candle from Rituals / Bed & Body Mist: Rituals Blossom Water Mist / Teacup: Rituals / Tray: Veranda At Five
What do you guys do for your night routine? Tell me all about it because it’s very important to get such things out of your system (this is a safe place here).


  1. omagads (like you say haha) absolutely favorite post!! please do morning routine also?? – sabahat

  2. love it. can I be invited over for this? :O

  3. It was so soothing to read this?. Have to try candles n bed mist now as i love fragrances…i ve been using aloe vera on my face for the last 2 months .20 mins on face n then wash n works wonders in tightening skin

  4. Amazing night routine. Especially love the bit about candles. Will have to see where I can get some great one for me in Pakistan..

  5. I LOVE Time! Also try: Welcome to Lunar Industries by Clint Mansell followed by Two weeks and counting (both from the Moon soundtrack) epic epic epic music. Oh oh and Together we Will Live Forever (also by Clint Mansell, I am obsessed with him). Loved your night routine, while I love doing all these things individually i never thought of doing them together to wind down my day. Good stuff!

  6. Reading this was so eerily soothing, matlab. Makes me feel like shit about my night time routine which is primarily me jumping right into bed and sleeping. Just like that. Will turn off the lights if my hind limbs aren't complaining. But that's about it. Life needs some drastic changes like bringing in a pillow mist at this point in time.


  7. Rituals great marketing strategy by the way!

  8. Maza aagaya!! I felt so relaxed while reading the post, I wanna do some of these things! You inspire us.. Lots of love and hugs

  9. I'm so copying you from tonight onwards ;)!

  10. You have inspired me to get out of my slowly increasing state of slothness. Also, LOVE YOUR PJS! and HI5, I burst out laughing at the candles bit – Im going through that too, and it feels like it'll be a very long phase.

  11. Huge fan of nite routines. Even plan to record it in a journal so i never let go

  12. I really liked the idea of a pillow mist. Gotta try it! New to your blog and really enjoying it. Your DIY apartment project was such an inspiration for me. Saw such fresh and unique ideas after a long time. Inspired me to paint a vase 😀 Keep them coming!

  13. My night time starts at 2 a.m.. oh gawd what am I doing with my life (I m studying and working BTW). I love might time routines. I think that's my me-time. Missing my me-time these days ?MBS

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