Hotel Palisade in Sydney, Australia (Part 2)

Hotel Palisade in Sydney, Australia (Part 2)

I posted about Hotel Palisade’s boutique accommodation yesterday in Sydney, Australia. Today, I want to show you the rest of the property which was stunning to say the least. If you can’t stay at the Palisade, you’ve got to get to their cocktail/mocktail lounge for drinks – you’ll absolutely love it.

I’m a fan of interiors so no matter where I go, when I see something done well, it’s almost like I had a low-fat cookie. And if it seems accessible, I immediately imagine how I can do this at home, if at all. The Palisade had way too many details, I was crushing every few seconds while exploring the property.

I’ll show you why. (Snapchat tour of this linked at the end of the post).

This was the Public Bar where we landed as soon we got to the hotel. While we were waiting for our rooms to get ready (I miscalculated and we were way early for our booking), we had a small lunch here.

This place had people coming in consistently during the one hour that we were there. Nothing overwhelming, just a quiet flow of people in an out so we realized that this is a popular spot in The Rocks (or perhaps people love getting drinks all the time in Aussieland?).

We moved to this parlour for our quick lunch before heading to our room and it was beautiful.

The distressed walls, the brass, the moody colors, gorgeous, you guys.

Even the menu had such cool details: check how it’s screwed onto the clipboard. LOVE.

That sauce on the table was called (Food) Rascal Hell Fire Sauce. Actual brand, you guys.

Even the elevator was massively sexy. This took us to the cocktail lounge which we explored on our second day there (I think).

You could totally do this situation at home.

This was the Henry Deane Cocktail Lounge and parts of it can be booked for private events (I’m available to join).

Gorgeous views everywhere.

The private rooms.

Where you could hang out on the balcony and just enjoy a regular view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. No big deal.

Back to the second level of the Henry Deane Cocktail Lounge because this was the most favorite part of the property for me, and you’ll get why, in a bit.

But first this, chandelier.

Now tell me? I kid you not, this place doesn’t look even half as beautiful in the image. It was so beautiful, I could have just hang out here all day.


I strategically took the picture so their faces weren’t visible but do you see what I mean? The weather was perfect, that location was perfect, it was all very perfect.

And before I go, these stools.

If you want to see the room that we stayed in, you can check out Part 1 here.

A few facts for you:

What: Hotel Palisade
Where: The Rocks, Sydney
Website: Hotel Palisade
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Property Includes (other than rooms): Public Bar, Cocktail Lounge, Private Event Rooms
Who is it good for? You can book areas within the public bar, the cocktail lounge and a couple other private chambers for small get togethers.
What I loved: If you cannot stay at the Palisade, you should definitely swing by for cocktails/mocktails because all of their lounges have beyond stunning views all around.

Also, see the Snapchat tour (this is not a properly filmed video) for this if you want to check out the room with me.

This post is in collaboration with Palisade Hotel but all opinions are mine because I don’t have space in my brain for those of others’. YAS.

Until next time.


  1. This is so so freaking beautiful. Trust me if I would have been there I would have totally refurbished my place after coming back 😀 and about the early part we always land before our booking time, so we walk into the hotel, give our luggage to the hotel staff, get the receipt and leave to explore the nearby area. One time we were out for like 4 hours when we realised that it's too late and the staff might have thrown our luggage out by now 😀

    1. Author

      Haha. Thank god I'm lazy or I would have tried that too. And I actually tried stepping out after dropping our luggage but we went back after 20 mins because we were so tired after such a long flight we were practically sleeping while walking 😀 I actually slept for a bit at the lunch table too :O

  2. This is too gorgeous. That table thing going on! NEED.TO.GET.IT

  3. This is amazing! Especially that view. So pwettty

  4. Followed all ure snap chat tours and i want to move to australia as of yesterday. The posts have been even better than the tours which is so tough to accomplish

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